Visionary Logs

60/93 Desensitized entries from the ‘Visionary Logs’ of Byron Malerba.

These entries are publicly released with sensitive information on some individuals etc. removed or changed.


1: 2007 – Jets Collide: I see 2 fighter jets over a forest of trees a short distance from a dirt road possibly near an airfield or military base, collide. One being seemingly an American fighter, the other appearing to be a Russian MiG or similar.

The MiG tries to evade just before impact but, clips the other jets wing; severing in half, an explosion accrues. I see engine debris crash into a building, while the jets crash to the earth.

Note: It is unclear whether or not the pilots survived or ejected on time. They were low to the ground, only several hundred feet above the tree line when this accrues. The time of day seems to be either early morning or late afternoon. By the looks of the trees and the way people were dressed, it appears to be Fall, Winter or early Spring.

Update: After researching Fighter Jet crashes in 2007, the only report I noticed that matched this vision was on March 22, 2007 2 Russian MiG’s collided over a base during training. There was a video online that seems no longer exist.


2: 2007 – Winter Crash: Clearly winter time and night; I see a passenger airliner taking off from a busy airport. The plane looses control just as it’s lifting off and it splits apart onto the runway and icy waters near the runway. For the most part the plane stays in tact however, broken and mangled appears to be little or no fire. People are thrown from the plane onto or near the runway.

I witnessed from a short distance away, my soul and other souls wonder the runway confused & searching for the dead.

Note: I was on this plane, to witness it’s takeoff however, I do not believe this is my death. Sometimes these visions put me right in the action for the simple means of witnessing them up close and feeling what others feel at the time.

3: 2007 – Mudslide: I watch as the side of a hill crumbles in a large mudslide. The homes in the valley, most of which are destroyed immediately. I see a white painted mobile home being washed away as if on a raging river but, managing to stay in tact for the duration of time.

The people inside this home survive & come to rest a good mile or so from where the home once stood.

Note: This event seems to happen in the Spring or Summer during daylight hours.


4: 2007 – Dark Guardians: I’m in a home that appears to be medieval or Celtic. It’s night time and there is violent lightning from a storm over the home. A feeling of fear comes over me as I heard the voices of men chanting in a language I can not understand. I hid myself under a large wooden dining table as I heard footsteps approaching me slowly from somewhere in the darkness.

Keeping myself quiet, while looking all around me, suddenly a flash of lightning reveals 2 figures standing at the only two possible exits out of the dining area. They were dressed in black cloaks from head to foot, each one was holding a large 2 handed sword before them, both hands clasped at the hilt, the swords pointed vertical towards the floor.

I could not see their faces even in the flashes of lightning, they had hoods covering their faces. They stood there chanting, looking towards me. I did not move nor make a sound.

5: 12/2007 – My Reason for being?: A large asteroid hits the earths moon at such an angle, (appears top/right corner) it explodes with such a force, that it sends rock & dust hurling towards the earth.

Wicked electrical storms form where there are concentrated electrical equipment, such as power lines, begin short circuiting from the highly charged moon dust particles.

A mysterious man dressed in tan colored cloth robes confronts me to show me how to raise up my arms and concentrate on the larger falling rock, thus slowing them down to a halt & gently laying the rock on the earth and seas.

This mans exact words to me were: “You are one of the few but, of the many”, “Please raise your arms outstretched like myself and concentrate on them. Now I must go and see the others much like yourself”.

This man vanishes before I have the chance to thank him. Not all regions of the earth are spared and some do make an impact on both land & sea.

Note: I believe the time period of this event is not in the far distant future. I saw homes built in a style as if they were today.

The time of day seems to be early morning or nightfall. It is unclear whether or not we see this event coming. There appeared to not be chaos, the streets were not busy and people did not appear outside of their homes.

My position on the planet seemed to be in Florida along the eastern coastline at the time. It is unclear what time of year it was because the trees in Florida stay green all year long for the most part.


Vision 1: I came to a small home along the Florida coastline. The concrete steppes had a metal railing that was bent over outwards as if pushed on. Inside the home was a mess. Jennifer was sitting on a couch crying, slumped over and battered. She was holding a pink, plastic, party cup. A man at the party the night before who seemed to be ‘Mark’ was the man that battered her.

I found myself walking down a sandstone, marble, very long hallway with pillars. At the far end of the hallway was white light. As I neared the end of the hallway, I was suddenly in a modern bathroom. I looked down and in a basket on the floor was a woman’s pink, silk underwear. I picked it up, suddenly I was facing behind me, the toilet paper roll scrolled out in mid air before me and started spelling out words of anger & concern.

Note: I could not remember what was said / written, upon waking but, I remember the feelings and I sensed it was Jamie L. (Jennifer’s husband); who passed away a year before, in a logging accident. I believe he was delivering Jennifer a message through this vision.

Vision 2: I saw Jennifer and her daughter Shelby about to cut a Birthday cake. The cake was square shaped and had pink flowers on top. It was a joyful time, then suddenly Eric comes into the vision making a gesture at me with his arms out, asking me “Why do I have to tell her these visions about Jamie? They get in the way of him, just leave them be because, they bother him”.

Updates: Jennifer had told me that Jamie L. was colorblind. His favorite color was pink.

Jennifer did in fact get into a fight with Mark and avoided his party.

Shelby had a recent birthday party where the cake had pink flowers on top.

Jennifer admitted that she had a lingerie party, she wore pink silk underwear.

Vision 3: Jennifer and I were traveling in 2 separate SUV’s heading to her workplace. When we arrived, we had sat down with employees inside an home / office. I can’t remember the things we discussed however, when it was time to leave, I had to gather assorted tools and supplies together. We did so confusingly because, the tools that belonged to her and the tools that belonged to my father, were mixed together. I realized that the tools that belonged to my father had a symbol on them, the symbol was a ‘Y’ shape which helped me organize them.

Before we were to depart the building, for some reason I decided to tell Jennifer “If you ever need to get in touch with me, I’ll leave you with my new phone number though, I do not know how long I will have the number”. The number was new to me, therefor I could not remember it off the top of my head, so I checked my cellphone for the number. I began writing this number down however, not on paper but on some sort of screen material… I started writing it with a pencil but it was difficult to write.

A few moments later I noticed Jennifer was holding a black marker and I asked for it from her. I continued to write the rest of the number with the marker on the screen. I signed my name, Jerry…

We were then to leave the building. I carried out the assorted tools and things to one of the SUV’s. On the way out, Jennifer had mentioned that the trip cost her $10,000 in fuel!? I found that to be ridiculous! Also, noticing we left our vehicles still running in the driveway of this home / office.

For some reason I had to go across the road to another home, I do not remember why but, on my return to the vehicles, I was barefoot and took notice to the ground at which I walked back on, being careful not to step on red ant hills etc.

Now the vision changed again and for whatever reason, the 3 of us were walking through a beautiful orchard of fruit trees and farms. As we were walking down a dirt road, there were huge water sprinklers spraying one of the farms but, the water was spraying onto the road too, so we needed to find a way around it.

We came upon a small area for growing pink flowers. They were like miniature roses that grew on a vine. They were being held up in rows and columns on a clear and very sticky man made spider web material but, it was not shaped like spider webs, they were just rows & columns of this stringy material. For whatever reason, we had to navigate our way over this section of flowers to get passed the sprinklers. As we did so, it was very difficult, at least for Jennifer & Shelby, it seemed more difficult, for they got the sticky material caught on themselves, it covered them like a waxy layer.

As it turned out, the sticky stuff was made of a tasty sugar like substance. Shelby was covered nearly head to toe in this stuff! I made fun of her and pretended to lick her forehead as if she were candy. Then she did the unthinkable! Shelby rolled herself on the sandy ground and got herself a layer of sand all over her that which she / we all regretted her doing.

7: 2/19/2008 – Highway Wreck: A Baseball player (Batter/Pitcher) acts different than most would at the plate. This is disturbing or distracting to a man listening or watching the game in his vehicle, while driving on a highway of 4-6 lanes; loosing control of his vehicle & causing a massive wreck to many. Deaths and injuries are widespread.

Note: I believe the pitcher/batter to be on the Angels team and this event accrues in California. Not that this was told to me or that I saw a visual queue; it was just a feeling.

8: 5/31/2008 – Tidal Wave: I’m on a beach in an area congested with shops, bleachers & dunes. Parents & children arrived by bus, parking along the front of the lot behind the dunes. People are well aware of the large dark cloud in the far distance. Over the sea a hurricane looms.

A man points out to sea & screams for the many to run. A tidal wave miles across the horizon and over 100ft. vertical is seen. Aqua Green at sea, Dark Brown on arrival to shore.

People flee the beach as fast as they can over the dunes. The Dunes are not high enough. I watch from inside a school bus as the tidal wave crests over the dunes and blocks out the sun before impact.

9: 2008 – Egypt Exploration: I was taken on a vacation, to where I believed to be Egypt. I was with several other explorers or researchers to study a pyramid. It started out with all of us in a large tour bus of sort or what seemed to be, except, inside was much different than what you’d expect from such a vehicle. The inside was a red floor with black walls. The floor had cut-outs or tub shaped coffers, outlining the shape of a human body. In fact they were beds that we would sleep in.

I suddenly found ourselves scaling the side of a steep pyramid that was made of stone but, the stone was so precisely cut, it was smooth and the edges were razor sharp, so sharp that I can cut my hand while grasping onto one of the edges, though we were suspended by ropes attached to the top of the pyramid.

When we arrived to the top or cap of the pyramid, there were hieroglyphics carved into the stone. One of which amazed me the most was very similar to the symbol I’ve been drawing for many years, for reasons I never knew.

We studied these symbols with much curiosity but, it was time to come down off the pyramid. We climbed down the ropes but, this time I was wearing rubber gloves so I would not burn my hands coming down the ropes. One of the other people with me, a man, was not wearing gloves and in fact did burn his hands to where they were bleeding.

The dream ended while we were walking back to the bus or mobile facility, whatever it was that we sheltered in.

10: 7/02/2008 – Water Spout: A single erratic tornado comes from the water and devastates the port city. This is not a large tornado but, rather perfected and powerful. Some buildings & homes are not ripped apart but, rather the pressure so great, they appear to explode apart. Many people flee to larger sturdy structures.

A building of great wealth is jammed packed of people to the point of locking the doors of anyone else entering. Those that did not make it in are forced to flee to a red/maroon painted/steel ship, docked at the nearby port. This is a fairly large ship meant to traverse the seas in rough weather and is resilient to over turning, and the people know this.

The roar of the tornado is deafening among the screams and running of crowds. I believe for the most part, the people of this city are spared great injury from well built buildings.

11: 8/20/2008 – Murder Mystery: I found myself inside a clothing store that was either closed or near closing for the day. The store was located on a dirt road set off from the main road. It seemed new and made from aluminum and steel beams, much like those used for warehouse structures. It was quiet inside with no one around at first, until 1 of the 2 other people that were with me, stepped across a doorway leading into another section of the store, tripping the sensor that rang out to a clerk.

After a few moments a clerk comes in shocked to see us there and asked, “Why we were in his store so late and what was it we were looking for?”. Baffled as to what to say to him, we 3 contemplated a lie or excuse that we wanted to buy flip flops and a hat. The clerk was about to kick us out, when suddenly several police officers and an investigator walk into the building. They immediately come to me asking if I knew “Who murdered these people?” and he gave me a name that sounded like, Bovyre.

This name could also be not of the murdered but, rather the murderer. I told these officers of the law that I did not know who they were and they briskly walked out of the building, as I followed, I quickly realized I was fully naked and surprised to be so.

I continued to walk out of the building and found myself walking around the streets trying to get my bearings as to where I was and where to go safely out of public view.

I soon found myself in a raised wooded median in between 2 rural area streets. There was a gas station to my left and an intersection with a traffic light before me. I began moving through this wooded median and realized another naked man standing in front of me that was pale white and just as confused/surprised as I was at seeing him. There was something different about this person. He appeared to be dead, yet, alive. He was possibly another Soul Traveler or the person I was looking for as the killer or one of the 2 people that were killed that the police wanted me to find.

I will describe this man as being skinny, tall(6ft.+), curly blondish Afro type hair, with a relatively large nose.

My attention was taken away from this person as I walked by him. An unmarked police cruiser pulls up to the median. The officer gets out of the vehicle and comes up to me. He hands me a bathrobe to wear. I briskly put it on. Again, I was being questioned about the murder however, this time I was being shown pictures of the murder scene and the couple that were murdered. I will describe these pictures as being horrific and very bloody.

The first picture was of a Bed. The sheets appeared to be either really tight to the bed or not present at all. There was an outline of a woman’s body on it with her legs together, yet her arms were outstretched as if in a crucifixion position. The outline was spotted pools of blood.

I was horrified when the next 2 pictures were presented to me. The pictures were of the woman that once lay in that bed and a man. They were both young maybe in their late 20’s early 30’s. The woman was completely cut up from head to toe with gashes 6-10 inches long. She had dirty blond, shoulder length hair., shoulder length. The man had light brown hair. Both the man and woman were of average body weight and Caucasian.

I was absolutely sickened to see that the murderer not only brutally murdered this couple but, also positioned them both together as if to look animated or that of a picture of the living.

Not being able to stand looking at these pictures anymore, I suddenly had the feeling I knew where something or someone was located. I told the officer that the next traffic light ahead, there is a dirt road on the left side. Down that road is what he seeks.

Suddenly I find myself driving to the intersection where I told the officer to go and I stopped at the light.


12: 09/27/2008 – Terrorism: At a triggers notice, a foreign terrorist network is prepared to strike. Its activities within the USA are foiled. Ricin is discovered on grains of rice hidden in every day objects. A man gets sick from holding a flashlight, hidden inside are the grains of rice laced with ricin. He only speak 2 words and points to something / someone, while on a stretcher, being loaded into an ambulance.

13: 4/10/2009 – Florida Plane Crash: I watch from a grassy field as a high performance / small plane, painted white and with a stripe, takes off or attempts to land. An unforeseen failure results in the plane crashing into a home with a V shaped roof. The plane bursts into flames, killing the pilot.

Several 3-4 people appeared to be in or related to the home, unaffected by the crash. A transparent man on the phone just to the left of the burning plane?

Update: A week later it happened, this is what I saw:

Note: You can google this story via “Small Plane Crashes into Florida Home April 17th. 2009”

14: 10/19/2009 – Vampires in Italy: with Keys(Denise): I found myself in a very old home with foreign style to it. This home I had just purchased, not knowing how or why either. The previous owner left just about everything you could imagine inside. Some gadgets such as radios & TV’s were still running but, were left alone for years. I was not alone, family members were visiting with me down in the kitchen area, looking about & preparing a meal for themselves before they were to leave. After speaking with them, saying goodbyes etc., they left.

I started exploring the home, since I truly had never been throughout the place. I came to a balcony and noticed the fine wooden railing had a thick layer of paint on it but, it was old enough to where the paint was chipping and raised from age. I thought to myself that I needed to sand this down & repaint it. That was my first realization that this home is going to need some special attention to clean up and remodel. As I stood on this balcony, I looked out over a city of dense population but, not a modern city of skyscrapers etc. More like a city in Italy. With multi-story homes, estates, mansions and lots of stores. Without spending much time gazing out, I went back into the home to continue exploring.

I went back down to the kitchen area and stepped out onto a porch to see the condition of the decking and very small yard. Suddenly, what I thought to be my new neighbor, came over and greeted me for the first time. Although being friendly, I was a little nervous because, when he started speaking I realized he spoke in foreign tongue but, in English. He offered to show me around however, he was quite knowledgeable about the home and made himself comfortable right away. I thought to myself, this would not normally happen back in the states however, since this place seems foreign, then maybe it’s just a normal custom to be that friendly ‘with thy neighbors’ home. I accepted that notion and followed the man. Strangely we didn’t speak much, rather he pointed to certain common rooms such as a living room, kitchen, dinette area etc.

Somehow out of nowhere I became extremely annoyed about a feeling of something in my eyes. I tried to hide it from the man showing me around, that something was bothering me but, it became ever clearer that I needed to look in a mirror to see what was wrong. I kindly thanked him for showing me around however, he must excuse me for a moment as well.

I went to another room and found a mirror above an odd faucet and sink. I looked in the mirror and nearly jumped out of my skin at the sight I saw. My eyes were nearly pure white, my pupils were covered in a white film and were barely noticeable.

I stood there staring at myself in shock and immediately got the impression I was changing into some sort of undead or vampire. Then I realized something strange, the film on my eye was melting or peeling away.

I turned on the sink and ran water over my face and eyes. Sure enough it started coming off like make-up. I scrubbed it all away. Amazed by the moment I checked myself of anything else that may be wrong however, I was fine. Without prolonging the situation any further, I rejoined the man waiting for me. He said nothing of what I just did and he took me to the second level of the home. He took me into a dank and sort of musky smelling old bedroom but, this was no ordinary room for sure.

I immediately noticed the far wall had been partially cut away in some spots, as if an unfinished construction project but, I noticed that the wall was deteriorated enough that something was on the other side and I could see through the holes.

I walked to the wall and pulled a section away a little to take a peek with my entire head through the wall. On the other side was for sure an amazement, it was a concrete room, very large. This was no ordinary room, as I suddenly noticed, the black iron railings, pillars and an escalator that was moving.

Suddenly coming up the escalator were two young woman in their late 20’s early 30’s. Both were of normal weight, black hair, fair skin, clean and neat, modern clothing.

They noticed me immediately as I was poking my head through this wall. They both smiled at me and let out a little shy giggle, staring at me as they walked away. I said to the man that was with me, “What in the world is this place on the other side of this wall?” He replied, “It’s an old train station that this home was built over & around”.

I stopped looking inside and thought to myself, this wall needs to be patched up badly and immediately if I’m going to live here, someone can easily break through this wall and come into my home.

I turned back to the man and thanked him for showing me around but, now I wish to depart from him and continue my exploration on my own, take my time to look at detail etc. He agreed and said his goodbye and walked away.

I continued through the house on my own taking in careful detail to the deteriorating structure and different styles of each room. Looking about at all the clutter of items, I thought to myself, that I had a massive amount of work to do to clean this up.

I came to a room that appeared to be a study or office room. There was a desk against a half oval window that was breezy and cool from a draft of air coming from the edges. There was a phone and papers about the desk. I thought to myself, this is going to be what it is, a study / office, for it also had a view into the city streets etc.

I walked out of this room and into the another large room, possibly the main central area of the home though on the second level. Now I realized the oddity in construction of this home, now I realized this was a very old home. This was in fact another dining area though it seemed to have had a bit of a dark past to it.

I began poking around through items, when I suddenly heard a noise. I turned to see a young boy behind me. He also had black hair and spoke English in a foreign accent. I asked him, why he was in my home? He said, “I always come here, to play”. Indeed this boy had action figures in his hand as he sat at a dining table. He was kind and innocent so, I felt he was harmless.

I did not yell at him or argue the fact that he was there. He stood up and showed me around the room a bit or rather, I watched him go about it. The room I was in was a loft, as I looked over the edge down into a living room. On the floor below me was a pile of large paintings. I looked closely at the paintings to see what they were. “WOW!” I said, “Is this what I think it is? These are Gothic paintings of vampires in sexual positions. I must preserve and refurbish these, they are amazing paintings!”. They boy said, “Yup” and smiled at me, then walked away out of my view.

Now I was really excited about this place as I looked around the room, suddenly everything became ever clearer that this home was a home of a vampire; as I looked around at more paintings and Gothic style structures and white stone walls. Certainly this was a beautiful home when alive & new.

At the end of the loft seemed to be more rooms. I walked into the first entrance, it was a narrow hallway that went left and right of me, along the hallway were yet more small rooms.

The first room I walked into was odd indeed, slender though long. Along the length of it were multiple beds. I noticed on some of the beds were sexual items such as hand cuffs, dildos, whips and chains.

Now I was getting a very clear picture that this area of the home was for group sex / orgies. At the end of the room was something even more interesting. There was the last bed, though this one had 2 heavy rubber male and female sex manikins, under sheets. I quickly noticed this was also no ordinary bed, it was in fact inside a 2 walled glass overhang. The floor was glass, the wall looking out was glass. I could see the city street and storefronts ahead of me.

While looking down to the street, I noticed the two girls again, the ones I saw on the escalator. They looked up at me. Once again they both smiled at me and continued to walk down the street. I thought nothing of it rather than coincidence. I accepted the fact that this was a very interesting room to say the least and I walked out of it to the next.

In the next room was the boy again. Still playing with his toys and watching a small TV that hung from the ceiling. I began exploring the room without saying a word to him at first, then soon after both the boy and I started searching through draws and items left around the room. It turned out that this was a jewelry making room.

There was empty and gem filled filled rings that were so old and tarnished, they would never be useful without refurbishing them. I thought to gather up as many as I could find to remove the stones, diamonds, ruby’s from them. They boy helped me gather them up. I thanked him, gave him a few and walked out of the room to the next.

This next room was not overly odd but as I could imagine it being new, it must have been a ladies bedroom, for it was decorated as so in purples & gold trims, very elegant however, I noticed the ceiling was badly damaged, water was dripping from it to the floor and deteriorating bed.

I knew right away this was going to be the first project of repair. The bed had to be destroyed, the roof patched, the room highly disinfected and refurbished.

I now walked back into the loft room and went down to the living room below. Down there was an older modern stereo system that was still working, although no sound was coming from it, I could tell that it was an excellent sound system that would fill the home with sound very well.

I walked to the other side of the room that had a white carpet and a leather couch, when suddenly the two women I saw outside twice already, walked in from a doorway. They sat down on the couch and invited me to sit with them.

I became very gentlemen in attitude and grace as I sat with them. One was very quiet, never said a word ,nor did I really have a chance to examine her because, the one more domineering woman began speaking, once again in accented English. She did not introduce herself, rather immediately told me ‘what she was’, as I began to ask her, “Are you…”, she said, “Yes, I am, I am a lady vampire and this is <pauses> now was, our common dwelling and we welcome you”.

Immediately upon examining this woman, both were dressed in all black, leather, fabric mixed outfits and I realized a very strange resemblance to her looks.

The one that spoke to me, looked like Keys(Denise). I didn’t mention this to her though. I asked, “Where am I?”. She said, “We are in Venice Italy….Welcome dear!”.

Now a chill went up my spine, now this started making sense, now I knew what was going on! I got up and stood before a window and looked out at the streets beyond.

There were hundreds of storefront buildings, all decorated in signage of all styles. I heard her say to me “So, what was it you said you do for a living?”. I said, “I design signs, vinyl and digital graphics. Come <gestures> I’ll show you”.

She stood up and approached the window as I pointed out and said, “Do you see the vinyl signs and the windows decorated in vinyl, that Is what I do”. I turned to look at her again, she said “Yes, and as you can see it is abundant, that is also why you are here”.

15: 10/20/2009 – Celebrity News: I was at a concert or preparing to see one, an overnight stay. Both Nightwish and Epica involved however, the vocalist of one of these bands who had reddish & very long hair; so this must have been Simone of Epica, seems to have a daughter or close relative with long black hair, fairly saying within the age of in her 20’s or so.

A strange attraction & friendship was born out of nowhere between us, we found ourselves comfortable together starting with a simple closeness and touch of our arms, which led to our feet, which led to our further closeness of bodies(not sexual) which led to holding each other. Mother was well aware and watched with an close eye however, after mother speaking with her daughter in glances and whispers, the relationship was accepted. By morning, at a venue it was meal & freshen up time for the crowd, while in a building or local store I had just walked out of a bathroom after freshening up after a meal, on the TV was sad news.

Fergie the pop vocalist had died in a plane crash. PS: I highly doubt the relationship part would ever happen, however pleasant and how happy it made us both feel, the reality of that being true is most likely very far fetched. I also hope that the news on the TV is not true either however, I can not ignore the significance of this vision.

Updates: I went to go see my first Epica concert on Dec. 14th. 2010. This prediction came partially true. This is in fact a prediction for a distant friend, F.M. not long after this vision, F.M. has met and danced on stage Epica band. Her career as a model/dancer has flourished even great since I told her, “This year is going to be great for you”. She continues her career, even dancing with bands such as Moonspell.

16: 12/15/2009 – Gloria (with Gloria B.): I was in a convertible car with Gloria, her mother and a young boy, in the back seat, with the top down. We drove to a wooden home that appeared aged. The house had a basement that had few pieces of furniture and several adjacent rooms off the main area. Bad weather moved in and I saw out the window of the basement, a tornado was heading our way from what looked like a valley between mountains.

I grabbed Gloria and the boy to quickly lead them to the basement and made them attach themselves to the steel support beam poles. Gloria’s mother and another person or two were already down in the basement.

I remember the tornado hit the home but, it seemed as if it were weakened when it did, it only shook the house however, I held Gloria and the boy beneath me in case anything came crashing down on us.

When it was over I walked through a doorway to the outside but the outside area was between the house and another structure(a shed or garage of sort) just a pace or two distance. Inside I found another young woman and her child huddled inside, frightened.

The rest of the dream was just a conversation between all of us, then I remember Gloria and I walked around the house together looking for any damage done to it.

Update: Gloria had announcing that she was caught in a nearby tornado one day in NY, though no damage was done to the home she was in.

17: 3/2010 – Keys 3 (with Denise): I’d just come our of a terminal of a busy airport in Italy where I was to meet up with Denise and the band somewhere in the local city. A cab driver picked me up and drove me to the inner city & dropped me off. I did not know the local language on the signage and soon became lost & confused. It was becoming night time and I felt unsafe in a particular part of the city.

I began asking some local people if they knew who Denise was and or the band; where they would could be found. Eventually someone knew and brought me to a restaurant. It turned out to be the restaurant that Denise works in.

There were a lot of people there, mostly teenagers and people in their 20’s-30’s. The staff were dressed in white cooking/Sheff apparel. A few minutes later Denise came to me dressed as the staff was and greeted me. She brought me over to where the band was sitting eating dinner.

Update: Not long after this vision Denise got a job working in a pizza restaurant.

18: 5/10/2010 – Devastating Tornado’s: I was with my (family member) in a mobile home. The home was build on top of a mid & lower level basement. The mid level was a greenhouse as I saw horizontal 45* windows that were ground level extend out from the home. (family member) was on her computer.

The sky became stormy, the winds picked up very badly. I had a terrible feeling that a tornado may be coming and I began looking around the basements for a secure area to shelter. The second level was not sturdy enough for it was made of wooden rooms and lots of clutter that could become dangerous projectiles.

Eventually I found a small concrete staircase on the outer wall of the home(inside). There was a hole just big enough for a single person above the staircase cut out of the main floor that had a short cargo net to repel down.

I soon figured out that it was an emergency way to quickly get down to the lower basement just for this type of emergency.

This basement was where the boiler room and water pump was for the house & it was concrete walls, empty space of dirt flooring. I figured the water or oil tank was the sturdy structure that we’d attach ourselves too for it was against the wall that if there was a tornado, it would be the safest location to be.

I walked up the stairs and climbed the cargo net to the main level. Moments later I heard the local siren go off in warning of a tornado approaching. In the near distance I saw my neighbors house collapse and the wall of their house came sliding across the ground to our home & stopped just before hitting our home.

I screamed for my mother to jump down the net. The electricity went out. We ran down to the basement and attached ourselves with belts/rope to the water/oil tank. Soon after the tornado hit our home as I could hear the house being ripped apart above us.

Update: Just a few days later, devastating tornado’s hit a mobile home zone in a mid-southern state of north America. I can not remember where exactly at this time however, Many homes were destroyed and lives were lost.

19: 5/30/2010 – Glimpse of Galaxies: It was the day of the great focus of galaxies. It seemed there was only & unexpectedly one spot on earth where you could see the event clearly. Our sky actually became like a focal point like a telescope lens. You could see far into space at many galaxies and planets all clustered together within a darkened spot in the daylight sky. Amazing! it was and I began to take photographs of the event.

Moments later; like an eclipse our day turned to night. The sky began glowing an Aurora of color in the shape of what looked like a massive jelly-fish.

Orbs of lights began appearing about the Aurora as they clustered together and formed the jelly-fish shaped cloud. It was a beautiful site as the sky began to lighten again you could clearly see this clouds form. The top was a dome of feathered vapor and the edges of the dome was of bubbly clouds(like the shape of a jelly fish) and there was a long funnel cloud that came down from the center of the dome, to the ground.

At the bottom of the cloud it formed mini tornado’s that unfortunately swiped the side of a pick-up truck which sent it swerving into a semi-truck where both vehicle jack-knifed down the road for a couple hundred feet.

Now being afraid this cloud would become a much stronger tornado; myself and other people about the city began looking for basements to building to seek shelter.

I found a sturdy concrete building and told the people inside to head to the basement, there was a tornado on the way. The sky darkened.

20: 6/09/2010 – The Escape: This dream was a reoccurring dream I remember from childhood though I had it again on this date:

It started out in the woods where I used to live as a child, on Long Island, NY, behind my house.

I was walking a path I had made which lead to my favorite tree forts etc. I came upon a fence of one of my neighbors homes and climbed over it, knowing very well I should not be there however climbing over these fences was a beaten path I used to take to get to the nearby airport where I used to hang out and watch the planes take off & land.

I came to a dirt road that ran along side the airport and I began jogging down this road. Suddenly to my right was a Blond woman riding a bicycle backwards… and she had a baby in front of her. It was like a double take look, I could not believe she was riding the bike like that with a baby…so I said to her “You know, that’s not a very safe thing to do…” She smirked & continued riding next to me.

A few moments later another man joined me in jogging and I began to make short talk conversation with him. I told him I’m on rout to a special place I go too since I was a child but it takes several paths that not many, if anyone, knows of but me. He said, he was going the same direction. I was a bit surprised but didn’t say anything.

I saw the spot off to the left of the road where I was to take a new path and so I did. Both the man & the girl on the bike, followed me. We then came to a network of wooded paths that lead to an old abandoned, dank, dark, dirty concrete, long hall that had several heavy steel doors along the way. I remember this place from childhood but never knew what the place was. It was creepy to be in there, but we must continue through it because at the end is our way out to our destination.

We finally came to the end and stopped. There was a room to our left that had a glass window and a metal box(like a bank teller window would have). There was no one around, it had been abandoned for many many years but, I remembered clearly, this spot is where there are ghosts, spirits that are violent.

I began to explain this to my companions when suddenly the metal box opened… We became afraid at that point because ‘It’ was starting, the spirits knew we were here and the challenge would begin to ‘Escape’.

I quickly moved to the box, in denial, and closed it. however, a moment later the box opened again… I closed it again, and once again it opened. This time I looked inside and it was a very small key inside to open a lock. I took the key and debated over its purpose(where the lock was that this was used for).

I then noticed the blond girl had opened the door to this room that we were getting the key from and I yelled at her not to open the door! She would let the evil spirit out! She did not listen. She opened the door and immediately a tall Dark hared & pretty woman(spirit) grabbed her, shut the door and smashed her face against the inside of the teller window until she bled and was knocked out or killed. That, is when we started running.

This spirit followed us slowly no matter how fast we ran, she was just a few paces behind us. We finally came to the end which was an old Iron gate that had a padlock on it.

Just as the spirit was going to grab one of us I finally broke the lock free using the key that was given to us in the box and we ran out the gate.

We escaped and the spirit did not go beyond the gate but now, we had a different problem. We were along the edge of someones property, fence line and there were many guard dogs around us, trying to jump over the fence to attack us.

A man came out to the fence and calmed his dogs down just in time. I told the man we apologize for coming through here but we must get to our destination. He told us to walk the fence line and he would warn his neighbor that we mean no harm and are just passing by.

We walked this very long fence for about a 1/4 mile until coming to the next property.

21: 6/11/2010 – ET Abduction?(with Alejandra B.): I was in a house with Alejandra B. when suddenly a bright light was shining through the windows at the front of the house. I walked out a side door to look around to the front and as I came around the corner I was startled at what I saw. It was a UFO hovering above the ground about 2-3ft. and about 10ft. away from the house. It was metallic silver colored, oval shaped and seemed to only be about 20ft in diameter and 5ft. tall. It made no sound.

Suddenly I was being grabbed from behind, I felt an arm around my torso an another arm attempting to go around my neck however I put my left arm up in defense and that is when I noticed ‘what’ was grabbing me.

I saw a long skinny arm barely 3 inches thick, milky gray & quite strong, matching my strength & cold to the touch. I tried to turn to look at the creature and caught a glimpse of its face. Indeed it was an alien creature as described in most encounters, large black eyes, large head, milky gray in color.

I quickly started running with this creature on my back as I jumped onto a motorcycle and began to ride it as fast as I could to a public area(at night). I came to a city street and stopped in front of a crowd of people with this creature still holding onto me, when I stopped, it jumped off my back and quickly ran into a nearby woods, glancing back at me and the people as It attempted to hide itself.

The people saw this creature & some ran away while a couple others stood there staring. I confronted the people about the creature and one of them rushed me away into an alley which had a metal door on the side of one of the buildings, we went inside.

Inside was a mini bar room with about 4 people in it. The person that brought me in, made me choose to open 1 of several small boxes on the ground which were glowing several different colors. I chose the gold colored box when suddenly the wall parted before me and it opened up to another room.

Inside this room was an active bar room filled with people but apparently these were no ordinary people, it was explained to me that all the people inside were in fact Alien / Human Hybrids.

22: 7/30/2010 – Secret Research: This has to be one of the wildest dreams I ever had…It started out with me riding on the back of a Harley motorcycle with man in his late 30’s early 40’s. All I could see was the back of his Black leather jacket. On the back was the emblem of the Hells Angels embroidered in tan / brown colors and somewhat faded.

We rode the streets, relaxed & enjoying the spring day. There was other riders with us, about 2-4 others, also on Harley’s. We rode to what appeared to be a church, apparently it was where the riders were residing, in a room of cots.

We walked out to the hallway and we came upon a room where a choir was rehearsing a beautiful song, they were behind a glass wall with microphones, in the partial dark, as if in a recording studio.

We came to a door that seemed to be a high security door, for it had a touch pad to enter a code to enter, it was metallic & painted Grey. A moment later a woman opened the door, dressed in medical / scientist cloths and greeted us to enter.

We walked down a long hall and quickly realized we were in a research facility but this was no ordinary research facility, this was hiding dark secrets hidden from the world. There were many rooms, many scientists all around us, frantically moving about doing their research.

We were brought to a room with rows & levels of benches, a medical doctor informed us that we needed injections for a reason I did not question but understood. A woman sat next to me and filled a siring with a pink colored liquid. She injected me 3 times in the top of my right leg, just above the knee.

The room was cold and we were covered in white blankets. we then preceded to another very large room, like a airplane hangar sized room, very high walls. Inside is where we discovered the truth of the research. A gruesome sight before us, it was a massive creature with oily black, green flesh, huge muscular build that stood at least 20ft. tall, it was chained with heavy steel chains to the wall behind it. It was angry and making taunting gestures at the crowd of people seated not far from it.

On the walls seemed to be guts & gore of a similar creature, exploded… there were burn marks on the walls from possibly a weapon of sort that may have destroyed the previous creature.

There was other creatures there among the crowd, these creatures were part human, part unknown, part robotic, they had small elongated heads that pointed forward, eyes of humans, mixed flesh of different body parts, they sat in silence.

The creature chained to the wall became increasingly violent, attempting to break from it’s chains, the crowd of people began exiting the room as the scientists attempted to taunt the creature to torture or punish it.

I broke away from the crowd with about 3 other people with me, possibly the riders I was with. We walked through yet another room that had scientists moving about, there were tables with all sorts of scientific devices, lamps above the tables and body parts unlike any I’ve seen before, just laying about on the tables & floors. One I saw in particular appeared to be a Tentacle of sort, it was Green & Black striped, as I stepped over it.

It seemed the evening was coming to an end for one of the shifts of scientists and we followed them out a door to an outside courtyard, in the dark. There were glowing orange lamps along a stone path.

The scientists talked amongst themselves, relieved of the days work. I came upon a group of scientists that were pouring over some documents. They were circling groups of numbers with a pen, associated with their research as if excited about the latest results.

I remember next going into another building, this time, where we didn’t belong. We walked into a medical room that has about 10 specially designed, reclined chairs, white in color, made of a plastic & metal material. The chairs seemed to be where the ‘silent creatures’ in the large room would have been seated, for their form appeared like the shape of the chairs.

The floor was a mess of equipment, some of it seemed in disarray as if there was a violent happening in the room and it was left abandoned. On the wall appeared to be several freezers, like a morgue.

As I stood next to one of these freezers, I heard a thumping from within, like a heartbeat. The other people with me suggested we open it to see what was inside.

I was very weary of doing such a thing when suddenly one of them opened the chamber and pulled out a rectangular box about 6 inches high, 5 ft. long, 2 ft. wide. It was sealed with a foamy substance. Inside you can hear & feel the thumping of a massive heartbeat.

One of the people with me, opened the seal and to our horror, inside was a previously frozen, pink blob of something, kidney shaped & it beat like a heart. It suddenly split open to reveal what appeared to be a hundred teeth. It leaped out of the box & into the hallway, it happened so quickly I never really saw it leave the room.

We ran out to the hallway and the last I remember was this creature hurling through the air towards us at a high rate of speed, I tried to put an arm out to block it from hitting me and it opened it’s mouth and attached itself over my hand and partially up my arm to the elbow.

23: 7/31/2010 – Attempted Suicide: It was winter time, snow on the ground, a small town in a forested area. A well known, unlikely to go off the edge man gets drunk in a restaurant or bar before going to work as a school teacher in a very small school house.

He argues with another teacher then brings a high powered rifle into the classroom threatening to kill himself.

Someone escapes the school and calls the police. About 5 unmarked police vehicles show up, a woman officer is lead to the door of the particular classroom entrance and she kicks down the door. They ran inside and apprehend the man and his rifle. No one was injured.

24: 9/12/2010 – Boy Cuts Boy: I’m at a home, a home with a large sloping gray shingled roof. The home is in an area of flat land, you could see for quite a distance, the home is along a road with other homes nearby. In the driveway is a man in his 30’s, a woman and a young boy.

The man has 2 muscle cars in the driveway. The man takes me to the back yard of the home, there is a large square cut out of the roof of the home where vegetable and plants are being grown.

There are children playground sets & toys all about the fenced in back yard. He picks up a large rubber ball & he hits it back and forth with me a couple of times for an unknown reason.

He has young trees growing at the far back of the property, the ground is weak, my feet sink into a body sized hole, I fear it that I will sink into it, I struggle to climb out as I begin sinking into it.

Part 2: 9/12/2010 Boy Cuts Boy – A young boy, early teens is riding his bicycle, another young boy possibly a bit older still in his teens is also riding his bicycle. The older boy sneaks up ahead riding his bike faster, he hides behind a wall of sort, he has a knife, a thick knife or dagger in his right hand, he’s holding it up against the corner of the wall judging the height of the other boys neck /throat as the unsuspecting younger boy rides his bike towards him. The older boy lunges his arm out from the wall and slashes the younger boys throat as he rides by.

The younger boy ran into a school bus, bleeding terribly, he pulls out a folded paper bloodied note. He barely said something along the lines of “The Love That Never Dies” just before he died. The bus is a crime scene, 3-4 women come to ID the body.

UPDATE: Not exact but, since the vision, this is the only report similar I’ve seen, without purposely looking that is. Maybe my exact vision did happen already and I don’t know about it but, if I was to describe my vision, it was much like you see here(start of video), even the angle of my view:

25: 9/27/2010 – The Red Storm: Over a suburban area as far as you can see, comes a terrible storm unlike any seen before. The clouds were black, red, orange, boiling like lava, expanding rapidly, wave after wave of Chaotic Red colored lightning.

The people were running wildly around the streets looking for safe havens such as well built homes made of stone or stronger. The lightning was targeting everything and anyone in it’s destructive path.

26: 10/01/2010 – Shootout: At a department store possibly at or near a Macy’s, there are Afro-American men(workers) being arrested by police in the parking lot, they are wearing light blue & reflective vests, most likely the cart gatherers.

A few moments later there are 2 plain clothed agents or police officers on a megaphone explaining to the people in the parking lot to remain calm, and who they were, what was going on.

A shootout suddenly begins, another Afro-American man is at, trying to enter, or leaving the back of the store, someone from inside is shooting at him many times with a pistol. 2 more men sitting in a vehicle, a Afro-American & white Caucasian man, the Afro-American man gets out of the car and begins firing shots with a pistol into random vehicles that people are sitting in, afraid to move or not allowed to drive away. The white Caucasian man has a rifle or shotgun and points it at me.

27: 10/04/2010 – Model Mayhem: A few models get together on a TV show. They are sitting on bar stools having interviews on stage in front of a crowd. The models were wearing lingerie and bikinis.

One of the models becomes covered in soap bubbles, she tries to make a pose or for whatever reason, stand up but, she falls…breaking her fall with her hand she severs her finger, breaking it in two, the broken half of her finger dangles off as she gets up, blood from her pulse begins spraying all over one of the other models.

The model with the broken finger passes out from shock, fear, site of gore and she falls again. The TV cameras shut off as she falls and the other model freaks out about the blood on her arm etc.

28: 10/20/2010 – Crash to Earth: In the light of day, a space craft, possibly an alien UFO, loses control in our atmosphere and crash lands in a public area in the USA, what seemed like Long Island, NY.

The public was not so much afraid as the government is. A jet fighter circles the crash site to keep the public from going near it. The government evacuates the immediate area.

The government is moving Navy planes, Jets and all sorts of vehicles with barges over the sound or bay in a massive and rushed fleet, so rushed that they didn’t cover the crafts & vehicles.

Men with Black Suits, Black Ties, White Shirts wearing sunglasses are among the military soldiers, they seem nervous.

The government & public seem to get along quite well and co-operate what needs to be done.

29: 1/04/2011 – The Gods Unite: I saw appear on a hill of dried grass what seemed to be all of the Gods across the world appear in one location, lined up next to each other, in all sizes and appearances.

The one that stood out the most was the Egyptian sun god Rah whom was inhuman like and of giant size compared to the average human, he was nearly 2 stories tall! and he was speaking with a thunderous voice like a commander of an army.

They all began walking down this hill while Rah spoke.

30: 1/13/2011 – Generation Future World: I’m on a beach, enjoying the day, walking far away from the general public. Someone starts calling my full name from far away, it’s a girls voice. I pay no attention to her at first because I was unsure if it was me she was calling for her voice was yelling from a quarter mile away. She kept calling and calling my name.

I stopped to listen and turned to peer down the beach to see at least what direction this girl was yelling too. Indeed she was yelling in my direction, she began waving at me to come to her as she still yet called out my name. I began walking back and now I could hear in fact she was calling for me.

When I arrived back to the area where most people were on the beach just in front of a parking lot, she was now standing next to my vehicle and I recognized who she was. It was Ali’s step sister Emily but, older. I’d say in her mid to late 20’s.

I do not remember the extent of our conversation but we were standing towards the rear of the vehicle, the vehicle was a sports car unlike any I currently know of yet it was brand new, just days ago I had bought it.

Suddenly someone was reaching through the window of my car, a young man was trying to steel something from out of the car while my back was turned to him but Emily noticed and gestured to me to turn and look. I grabbed the young man and pulled him out of the car.

In fact he had grabbed my wallet from the console and had my money in his hand. I threatened and scared him away but that’s when another young man from the far side of the vehicle dropped something in the vehicle. I yelled at him and by the time I got to the other side of the vehicle to confront him, I noticed my vehicle was on fire from the inside. I watched helplessly as the vehicle burned.

The dream changed over quickly to a truck pulling up to my now charred wreck of a vehicle. A young man gets out of the truck and confronts me saying that he can fix the vehicle up for me and it would cost me nothing, he was a salvager and had the parts needed to fix it so I can at least get home.

Odd I thought but, I took him up on his offer and they hauled my car away with me.

We arrived at a location where there was a massive junk yard as it seemed however, it turned out to be a massive city of all sorts of parts or junk, put together to rebuild just about everything you can imagine from vehicles, to homes.

I felt uncomfortable there but yet, welcomed in a way, for I soon realized that in fact this was a city for miles and miles. A future city occupied by thousands of youth all appearing ‘grunge and Gothic’ with their clothing. This was truly something straight out of the movie ‘Water World’ yet so very real.

They assured me they’d have my vehicle fixed and would come looking for me in due time, I was welcomed to walk about the city locally and I did. I came to an area where several people were hanging about yet, everyone seemed busy, making things, going about their lives, socializing. I was standing with them talking about the place we were standing in front of, which was a home of sort built out of random things.

Suddenly I see a girl in the window looking out. One of the young men said to me, “this is a home where some of the girls stay”. The girl in the window, moves away from the window, then at least 5 other girls appear and walk out of the home. They were all wearing mix matched clothing of cloth, rubber & metals. They walked away from the building with hard life attitude among themselves, talking.

I now walked away from the scene to confront the people that were fixing my vehicle, to see their progress. In fact they were fixing the vehicle but, it looked absolutely nothing what it should be. Barely a shell of the original parts, it was put together with all sorts of random items to make it at least a functional moving vehicle. Everything from PVC tubes, tarps, plastics, somehow put together quite creatively.

I stood there upset yet amazed at what they had done. They (The workers) began explaining to me the different functions of the vehicle via demonstration however the vehicle was not quite ready yet to drive. They asked me to go to a certain place to get a part for the engine. Though, I had no clue where I was going, I went there anyways.

As I arrived at this massive randomly assembled building, inside was isles and isles of vehicle parts as far as you can see nearly. As I was walking down one of the isles I came upon a vehicle made entirely of PVC and light plastics. There was a young man inside of it peddling like a bicycle.

Amazed! the vehicle was actually floating off the ground a few feet for it had many moving parts that created enough lift to make it hover and move about completely powered by peddling.

I moved on and somehow skipped over obtaining this part for my vehicle, now I was on my way back to the people working on my vehicle, with the part needed for the engine, in my hands. They took it from my and immediately added the part.

A young woman came to me and began talking, she was what seemed to be the shop girl that took care of services like paper work, photos etc. I asked her if I could see what remains of my vehicle, she sighed and assured me my new vehicle, though not the same, would at least get me home and reluctantly lead me to where the remains of my vehicle was located.

We stood before the charred remains already piled under other parts of things. She assured me there was nothing of use left of it.

Suddenly out of nowhere there was a rumble coming down the main road just outside the city. Curious, I walked to the road to see what it was. It was a sight like none other. Thousands and thousands of law enforcement, emergency service vehicle of all typed were heading into the city like a parade. All of their vehicles were far more modern than any vehicle today.

I wanted to stop one of them and ask for help to get home, tell my story of what happened to me but they rode past me like I was not even there or that they didn’t care.

We returned to what would be my new vehicle and this time they were finished. They showed me some last minute functions etc. and though I still felt quite upset yet amazed at what they had done, I thanked them all.

31: 1/15/2011 – Bieber Crash: I was in the middle of a somewhat peaceful dream… suddenly a woman drives up in a van to announce that Justin Bieber had died in an auto / race car / racing a car accident.

Sorry to break your hearts kids and fans but, once again, I can’t just let it go unwritten.

Update: Justin Bieber was arrested for street racing intoxicated and several other incidents in a short period of time, that made world news.

32: 1/22/2011 – I was told but, I did not: It was an erratic dream but the scenes that were vivid to remember were very serious. I was told to go into a barn to slaughter the lamb with just a dagger; but I did not, for the lamb was cruel and knew my intentions. I was told to slaughter the young wolf; but I did not, for it evaded me. I was told to slaughter the elder wolf; but I did not, for it was cruel & bared its’ fangs.

I wanted to go back home, for the lightning and the thunder was overhead. As I was driving down the road in the sudden heavy rain, someone on a motorcycle was riding in front of me; the motorcycle loses control, the rider falls off to the right side, hits a horizontal telephone pole on the ground being used as a property barrier as the rider hits a chain link fence, the rider bounces off the fence and back into the road.

I stopped to help with others, shockingly the rider was Stephen M.(an old friend from high school) though clearly in pain and injured, his injuries did not seem life threatening, help arrives quickly.

I arrived home and noticed the palm of my hand began splitting open more and more until I could see bone and tendon, It was frighting but, painless and I wanted to wrap it up but, I did not, for the dream ended.

33: 1/28/2011 – Ceremony Shooting: I was at a ceremony of sort. It was held outside and it was the weather was very hot. The strange thing about it was everyone there were people I knew back in my school days.

Those I recognized the most was Alex L., Anthony D., Eddie G. and Chris T. A band was playing a few songs, it was a rock band. The second song they played was a song from Evanescence. As soon as the song ended, we had a very brief rain shower just a few seconds long from a passing cloud.

A speaker, a woman, began talking to us when suddenly in the parking lot a hand reaches out of a window of a car with a silver high caliber hand gun and fires 4 times at someone.

Girls screamed and someone fell out of their chair startled. I screamed for everyone to get down into the basement of the building, women first.

Moments later I can hear a police car with its’ siren at highest alert racing towards the ceremony. 3 young men armed with weapons enter the building and are walking down the hallway.

The last of everyone is now in the basement, self locked behind a heavy steel door.

34: 2/01/2012 – The writing on the wall: I’m standing in a stone room, carved into one of the the stone walls is ancient writing in a language I can not understand.

A beam of sunlight comes through the room and shines onto the writings. Suddenly like an invisible hand, the writing begins carving itself into the wall over what was already written as if to rewrite it for an unknown reason to me.

35: 2/10/2012 – A Day In Hell: I’m in some sort of warehouse or building yet, I seem to be underground, possibly a massive cavern. It’s dimly lit by fire and unnatural light. It’s filthy on the walls and floors; the walls made of stone and rusted metals, the floor made of concrete, stone and rusted metals

There are many people there, mostly men, working like slaves, dressed it near rags, all were going about an organized duty while groups of others were resting on staircases and in corners.

I soon discovered that I’m here for the same purpose, to work like a slave. I helped two men pick up a large box that had a waxy coating to it which I realized was a floral box; filled with flowers to be shipped. We stacked the boxes high as others took the boxes away.

No one seemed happy to be there, everyone looked exhausted, everyone had blank eyes that stared at those around them.

Suddenly a booming voice is heard, unnatural, inhuman, echoing from somewhere below. Then footsteps are heard that shook the ground like thunder, each and every step. Up through a chamber from ground level, comes a beast like a devil, fiery red, two horns extended from the sides of its head, outward. It’s flesh was not of man nor beast, it was burning ashes and fire and it was three times as large as the strongest man. It notices me and begins to stomp as it walked towards me and began yelling to me in a language I could not understand but the syllables were short as if each letter in any human language, were its own word.

As the devil or demon came closer the workers stopped what they were doing and began to hide in any corner, wall, object they could find without literally running away; they all stared at me as if waiting to see my punishment. The devil stopped approaching several feet before me and stood tall to unleash a fury of words towards me and all, then it walked away back into its chamber from which it came.

The workers went back about their business and one came to me and escorted me to another area.

36: 2/11/2012 – Amy L. and a flower: I’m in some sort of an outdoor department store when out the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a young lady with long, straight black hair and a pale complexion; a natural attraction for me =) I gave a closer look and realized she was none other than Amy L., sitting at a table with a young gentlemen engaged in a happy conversation.

No one was around them that bothered to take notice she was there which was surprising to me.

I immediately noticed a floral stand and purchased a single red rose. I then walked up to them where they were sitting and stood nearby a moment embarrassed not to interrupt their conversation but to wait for the right moment to confront her.

A moment later their conversation paused for a moment long enough for me to approach her with the rose, quietly, without startling her nor make it too obvious to anyone around. Of coarse she smiled and thanked me for the rose, then shook my hand in greeting. -Happy I was and the dream ended.

37: 2/28/2012 – Surprise Find: Interrupting a dream, just before waking I’m shown a scene where an explorer had found an old war helmet in a coral reef, discovered to belong to a Present / Past / Future countries President.

38: 3/04/2012 – The Unveiling: I’m in a very large aircraft hangar, initially it’s relatively dark inside except for a few lights shining down upon military officials seated around what appears to be a speaker or possibly a future president of the USA. There is a crowd of people before them and NEWS personnel.

Behind the speaker and officials is what appears to be a massive aircraft, painted dark Black. I believe this to be a new stealth aircraft however it’s the size of a transport plane, if not larger than.

The fuselage is not cylinder shape but rather, oval. The jet engines on each wing are the same oval shape as if 3-4 engines were inside one casing, side by side. The lights turn brighter and the people cheer as a video screen lights up nearby giving the crowd a 3D look at the aircraft before them.

39: 3/21/2012 – Deportation: I’m in an Asian country, what seemed to be a ‘Dragon Celebration’ many of thousands of people were in the streets. They had costume dragons above or on their heads in various colors, one being a sky blue. They would spin the dragons as if in unison with music or chanting.

At first I thought this was a friendly celebration but it turned out to be something far more sinister. Riots broke out on the streets, buildings were broken into, glass windows broken, people fighting one another.

At the docks awaiting a ship, hundreds if not thousands of people are being deported from the country, they are forced to stand straight up in what seemed to be shipping containers with the tops taken off. The containers were filled with water and some sort of grain, like a wheat stalk.

The people were up to their chest in these holding containers so tightly packed that they could not sit down, the only barrier between each other was the stalks of grain and water. People are made to wash their feet before going into the containers. The people had to wait 24 hours before the next ship arrives. Those that had or could pay their taxes, were fortunate enough to obtain air transport.

The time seemed to be in the future for vehicles etc. were not of modern times however, being an Asian country, the buildings were highly decorated in wood but many business etc. were stacked on top of one another.

40: 3/29/2012 – Navy Ceremony / Shells of War: I’m on the deck of a Navy aircraft carrier. They are having a ceremony of sort but not a peaceful one. There are bodies of men, woman, children being hoisted to the deck on slabs, they are unbound then tossed overboard into the sea.

This ceremony is not real? They are alive? Difficult to see on their backs, are a breathing apparatus. These are the words I hear spoken to me in an unknown voice.

Now I’m seeing a large area of mud and pools of standing water, the sea has receded, there is a small ship stuck in the mud, there is an mid-eastern woman looking at me as she stands in the mud with a concerned look on her face.

There buried in the mud is a rust color coming up to the seabed in the shape of modern cannon shells from a war ship, littering the sea floor. They are unexploded shells left over from an old war.

It is an extremely dangerous area. Is the woman there for a photo shoot to national geographic or a news report? I’m hearing words spoken to me that the grounded ship is meant to be here to retrieve these unexploded shells.

41: 5/24/2012 – The Stalker: A vague but important vision; vague because there was much more detail however in the manner I had awakened from it, I lost much memory of details immediately. Important because I have received a full name of someone.

There is a small town in a valley between mountains. There is about 2 inches of snow on the ground. A woman; public figure of this town has been stalked. This woman has a thin(average) build, blonde hair that’s tied back to a pony tail. She looks similar to Jodie Foster as she appeared in the movie ‘Contact’.

A suspect(a man) has been found / is in question / or discovered via local law enforcement investigating the local area. The suspect lives in a home that’s situated on the lower mountainside facing the valley.

Out in his yard is discovered to be a tripod of sort that has a box on top. Found in the box is a long range camera. The camera has photographs still in/on it that when viewed, are photographs of the woman being stalked. I begin to see an ID tag flashing to my vision, the name on the tag is Robert Moor(e). Is this the stalker or the investigator on the case?

42: 5/27/2012 – Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes!?: I’m outside of a home that’s situated near a cliff that overlooks a pine tree forest that is several thousand feet below in a valley. In front of the viewing area of the cliff is a large wooden structure of stripped logs, bundled together horizontally by rudimentary rope(materials from the forest below) which apparently is a structure of art for it has patterns to it and a viewing portal of sort that looks out to a mountain peak.

I walk up to the viewing area where there is a man and a woman looking out to the scene, waiting to greet me. We begin discussing the forest below, how it was a secret ecological project for forestation and new species of life, nothing can get in or out of this area.

“The pine trees of this forest are hundreds of feet tall, much taller than any known trees of earth”, I explained. “If you look over there you will see a massive snake resting in the forest, this is one of our largest creatures in this forest like none other on earth”.

Looking at the forest below, I point out a massive snake that had to be 400ft long and 20ft wide, laying still on the forest floor, curled up as much as it could for its body size. I took out a laser pointer and pointed at the snake so my company could see where I was pointing too.

Then, for some reason, they still had a difficult time seeing the snake because it was so camouflaged into the forest, so I moved us closer to a break in the cliff face where you could look nearly straight down.

While I moved to the edge, I lost balance and fell through the opening! I’m now falling thousands of feet to the forest below, feeling the air rush around me, feeling the fear of knowing death is a moment away, I hit the trees that somehow broke my fall enough through branches that I survived when I landed on the forest floor.

I lay there for a moment shocked and stunned before slowly getting up to see my injuries. Something was wrong with my right leg & foot, either broken or severely banged up, I could hardly stand.

Now fear set in. I’m in the forest of exotic and very dangerous creatures, with no protection. I knew very well I needed to get to an Eco-station immediately before I was attacked by something. I managed to hobble away through a short distance to the Eco-station that thankfully was nearby.

The Eco-station was built securely to allow researchers to enter and exit, given the right bio-suits and protection but, not any other kind of biological lifeforms via a detection device that when triggered, would fire a laser turret gun at the entity, destroying it.

I’m now standing in a detox room where a laser scanner will search my body for other lifeforms besides my own. After the scan a door opened, letting me in. I stumbled into a room to sit down and check over my wounds.

On a table before me was a duffel bag with things inside. I looked into the bag and found several ounces of hybrid marijuana and sealed containers of some of the forests miniature lifeforms.

I opened the marijuana bag and took a bud out to examine, smell and hope to smoke to dull my pains from the fall. A moment later, two researchers walk in, surprised to see me and my wounds. No doubt I told the story of my fall!

One of the researchers noticed the bud in my hand and made a joke “Well, now how much does a bag of THAT cost these days?”, I said “Oh about $60.00 per quarter Oz.” jokingly… this stuff was priceless! He said “Oh yea, what’s the quality of that stuff?”. I said “It’s the best on earth, got a paper? Let’s roll one up!”.

As I dig further into the bag to take out a more ideal bud to break up, the other researcher reaches into the bag at the same time and pull out a container with an earthworm-like creature inside. He opened the container immediately and this creature slithered out to the edge of the container. I froze still as I saw this snake. It was a cobra, that looked nearly transparent with a tinge of blue for its skin, it was only 2-3 inches in length and millimeters in width.

I stared at it a moment but, I left my arm dangling into the bag. This mini-cobra lunged at my arm and bit me twice with its tiny razor sharp teeth that was nearly painless.

Immediately after, I took my arm away and began freaking out that the thing bit me. The researchers, stunned, just stared at me uncertain of what would happen to me now that the thing bit me!

A moment later I felt this crawling sensation under my skin near the wound and when I examined it again, there was unbelievably; a worm-like creature crawling quickly under my skin that moved strikingly fast just below the skin, around my arm, into my back, over to the other arm.

I was afraid and began grabbing at my skin, trying to stop it so I can cut it out of my skin but it was too fast!

Now boils started appearing on my skin that were filled with a puss which one broke open and leaked an acid substance! I was going to die if I did not get this thing out of my skin!

43: 6/17/2013 – Tatyana gets arrested: Tatyana B. is arrested/taken into custody. I do not know what for but she told me in the vision, “I don’t want to be here”.

A letter was written to Tatyana about this vision and her reply was; (text removed, sorry!)

Update: She was not arrested, rather a war broke out in her country(Ukraine) which eventually ended up in her city. She fled the city.


44: 10/02/2014 – Helicopter Crash: I’m in a very busy(with people) building of sort. I’m mingling around some people and I meet a girl. We talk for a bit before she becomes comfortable and surprisingly she kisses me. Suddenly the light in the area goes dark for a few moments, without realizing why it went dark, she found this an opportunity to progress her flirting when suddenly I hear people yelling about something and I hear some sort of mechanical grinding noise.

I stopped the girl from being intimate with me and I ran outside to see what was going on. I looked up and noticed a helicopter(seemingly painted Yellow and Black) spinning out of control as a black and grey cloud surrounded it. It seems to momentarily gain control again and makes its way to an area it can land nearby.

I realize soon after its approach that in fact it was not under control. It flipped around and nose dived into the concrete of either a small landing pad or parking lot of sort. The helicopter explodes sending debris flying in all directions even at myself and a couple other people nearby that witnessed the crash.

I felt pieces of debris hit me, I heard it hitting the ground and objects all around me. The flame and explosion settled soon after where myself and some people ran up to what was left of it

Someone brave got there before I did and looked into the cockpit and noticed the pilot(s) was dead. I took out my cellphone to call 911, but at that moment I heard sirens approaching so I ended the call.

I knew there was nothing I could do at this point, so I left the scene to go back for the girl and I couldn’t find her anywhere.

UPDATE: It happened.

45: 6/23/2015 – I lost Cristina (with Cristina S.): I’m walking through a town built on a hilly region with Cristina. She was wearing a black Victorian style dress with tassels in the pattern, seemingly around trim lines. We were excited to be here as we went from shop to shop looking for possible trinkets etc. to purchase. There were many people out and about doing the same thing as it was seemingly an community event.

We came upon a building that was both a shop and restaurant together in the same building. She somehow got a little ahead of me when she walked in and I lost sight of her. I truly lost sight of her nowhere to be found and I became nervous.

The people inside were wearing clothes from medieval days but, something was wrong with this place and people, they seemingly had a sinister secret going on in that place, a feeling like they were abducting people.

I became frightened when I could not exit the building… I asked for the door to be opened, but the young man acted like no such thing was going to happen, I was trapped. I began looking for anything I could use as a weapon to defend myself with.

Update: Cristina’s social media pages were taken over by a hacker on 12/22/2015 for several weeks.

46: 7/12/2015 – They took it all(The Deception): I traveled to England and I never made it out of the extremely busy airport because, employees that looked like travelers kept stealing everyone’s luggage and personal items at a constant rate, forcing everyone to go to a claim box to get their items again and again, until us quote “stupid Americans” paid utmost attention to every second of our things. Even as soon as we go to grab our things again someone was pick pocketing you ect.

There was a girl that sat down on a sofa with a man and I noticed her before from another dream, so I said “hey I know you”. She rolled her eyes at me. A few minutes later the guy she was with came to me and said, ” did you really have to say that dude? You do know she’s a harlot right?”. “No! ” I replied and walked away.

Then I purchased some sort of candy/taffy that felt like eating a large wad of bubblegum and sat down to watch some sort of movie with a few people around me, I fell asleep because a woman behind me was rubbing her fingers on my shoulders and back.

When I woke up, once again my bags were missing and I went to claim it this time with much anger but they did not have my bag. As I gave up and went to go back on the plane, a man stopped me to let me know he had my money, handed it to me and said “don’t give up, sometimes it takes a while for our people to return your things since we are operating with precision tactics of avoidance as well.”

He then hands me a piece of paper to bring to another area to claim my bags.

There I got my things and sat down next to a woman cooking food in a pot, now in an outside area of tired travelers, she fed us a bowl of soup as if we were refuges. I carefully sat on my wallet to make sure no one would take my money again and began going through my bags to see the now disorder of things, noticing there were things that belonged to other people as well. I took these items out and tossed them onto the ground around me until I was left with not much of my own things and very mad.

Eventually someone came on a loud speaker to tell us they were sorry for the chaotic deceptions but, it was necessary etc. I woke up with quite the feeling that I’ve near completely lost my sanity.They all had perfect English accents in this dream as well as the location, attitude and clothing being correct.

47: 7/13/2015 – Flashback 1: I believe I authentically had what one would call a ‘flashback’ of the Ridge, NY 2002 ET Encounter. The next time would not be until March 25, 2017.

During the intense and very realistic dream: I’m in my home in Ridge, NY. It’s evening just before sundown. I heard a crack of odd sounding thunder, so I went to the front door to look at the sky. There was an odd looking cloud lingering in the near distance. Then I saw an unnatural Neon Blue oval EIV in the sky. I focused on it wondering if it was light from an airplane but, then it started moving side to side, up and down then quickly darting in whatever direction a plane can not perform.

My mother and father were in the kitchen as I called for either one of them to come look at what I was seeing. My mother came to the door and when she looked out the door the EIV darted to the other side of the house out of our view however, as it went by, could see what appeared to be Blue beams of light enter the home from somewhere above.

I ran from window to window, room to room looking out of the windows, to observe more Blue orbs of light appearing, at least 3 and they encircled my home. I tried grabbing a camera and taking photos but, we became so frightened I don’t know if I even clicked the button.

Now it’s completely dark and there’s this strange tingling feeling all over me and I soon blacked out.

I woke up from my bed, looked out the window and saw military outside my home, all were dressed in white bio suites, some with masks, some not. There were a dozen or more people out there and at least 1 camouflage vehicle military troop transport vehicle, parked in my secondary driveway that had a detached garage about 50 feet from the home.

I ran into the living room to tell my parents that the military are here and walking into the house but, I noticed they were already in the house. Men and woman both. One of them, a man, was kneeling with one knee on the floor, one arm propped up on the other knee to steady a handheld video camera, recording what they were doing to us.

I asked, “what are you going to do to us? Are you going to hurt us?”. One of the men said, “No we’re not going to hurt you, let’s sit down and have a talk”. I still had the camera in my hand and one of the men noticed and said concerned but, calmly, “Oh no you didn’t, give me the camera!”. I gave him the camera.

I was then pointed towards sitting down on a tall bar stool that we had next to a “snack bar” which we called it, that separated the kitchen dining area from the living room. As I was sitting down and turned around, a man dressed in a black, tight fitting outfit approached me and sat down on the other bar stool in front of me, where I immediately focused on him.

This was no ordinary man, he was bald of hair, his eyes were like ours but, pink. His skin was a mix of Purple, Pink, Blue and a Milky Grey.

After quickly examining him from head to chest, I looked to my right and sitting on a stool between myself and the being before me, was woman in her late 20’s or 30’s and attractive. Her hair was pulled back tight in a short ponytail and she wore a comfortable fitting white bio suit of sort. It seemed she had a focused stare on the ET being, with a motionless expression. After a moment of staring at her with the feeling of, why and how did someone like her get involved with these people and aliens for that matter; without looking at me in the eye, she said, “Don’t look at me”. So, I turned to look at the ET being sitting before me, staring at me like he’s a doctor observing me intently, waiting for me to acknowledge him.

He took out a syringe from somewhere, I didn’t really notice, I just saw it in his hand suddenly. He spoke to me calmly in a gentle, yet somewhat sarcastic tone as he asked me how I was feeling at the moment. I’m not sure I said anything but, the woman stood up and moved behind me, then put her hands on my shoulders. I said, “What is this? Is it going to hurt me? Is it going to give me psoriasis?” (unknown why I asked this, I didn’t know about psoriasis until two years after this Ridge, NY encounter, when I actually contracted the disease). The man said with partial confidence, “It could, but it shouldn’t, it’s not going to hurt you but, it will feel like poison ivy in your veins for a few moments. It’s to get rid of the memories”. I said, “but why do I need to forget? Are you mad at me for talking?” (about about the Texas abduction to people). He said, “No it’s not so much the talking, it’s because of the things you know now, you need to forget”.

He then gently grabbed my right arm and stuck me with the needle in crook of the elbow and a moment later I can feel a sensation go through my veins that partially felt itchy and burning, then it went away.

He said, “That wasn’t so bad was it?”. I didn’t reply, just concentrated on the feeling.

A moment later he said, “There, you are all better”. I replied, “but I still remember everything”. He slightly smiled and said, “For now, yes. When we leave, you won’t remember”.

I somehow noticed behind him that there were two other smaller, beings or humanoids sitting behind him on my mother’s reading chair. They were somewhat similar to the man speaking to me in bodily form however,, they had slightly different shaped heads, their eyes were Black and their skin was more grey looking. They didn’t quite look like the other “Greys” I’ve seen, something was different about them. They had a more humanoid bodily build to them, though seemingly only 5 feet tall at best and yet they had the large Black eyes like the “greys” but, not quite as large heads as the “greys”. They sat together closely to each other, almost holding each other, they had a somewhat relaxed, happy attitude about them. I got the feeling they were females.

I said to the ET again, “are those two there aliens?”. He laughed at me and said, “Yes, and so am I”, as he continued to laugh. I managed to crack a smile and said, “You’re not so scary as I thought you’d be”, as he seemingly nodded at me.

Then suddenly I had some sort of mask on my head and I couldn’t breathe too well through it. It kept messing up my vision, so I pulled the mask off, took a breath and suddenly the mask would be back on my head. I kept taking it off trying to see what they were doing, repeating this over and over. During this they all got up and left the house but, some of them left the house through the bedroom somehow, either they went out the window or they literally walked through the wall, directly out to the secondary driveway.

I tried to follow them but, I hit my foot on something and I looked down to see it was a Black beetle shaped thing that was flat on one side but, beveled like a beetle shell on the other, there was a Black string attached to it like a necklace. I said to myself, “This is a cartouche, a carving of an ancient Egyptian scarab beetle. One of them must have dropped it…”.

I quickly bent down and stuffed it under the couch in hopes of having some evidence. Then suddenly the mask is back on my head, I pulled it off again frustrated as to why this mask keeps being put on my head?? I turned around and saw a humanoid that was only 4ft. tall at most. It was one of them but, a child-like being, it was running around the living room looking for something, sort of having fun doing it like a child playing. This humanoid was completely naked but, had no sexual organ features to it that I could see. It was so playful in attitude I practically laughed at it.

Suddenly I’m in a dark room, there’s a slimy clear liquid on the ground that was about 1 feet deep. There’s a humanoid female on the ground in the liquid, laying on her back, against something holding her up somewhat vertical or perhaps leaning up against a wall. She’s has very Dark Grey looking skin. She had Black stripes seemingly embedded into her skin that looked like some sort of straps or stripes that enhanced the view of her sexual lady parts. Her hair thick and Black but, looked like Medusa’s snake-like hair or dreadlocks. Coming out of her breasts were 4 Black tentacles that were like feelers, each exactly alike and about 6-8 inches long, about 1-2 inches thick at the point where they emerge from her skin, coming to a point at the ends. Her legs were spread open, her vagina was swollen as a liquid was pouring out of her and something of a tube was going into her to deliver the liquid. She was flailing around like she were having an orgasm or in deep pleasure.

Suddenly I find myself back in my living room, in the darkness, sitting on the floor in front of a couch that my father was sitting upright on. My mother was laying down motionless and seemingly sleeping on the other couch.

I looked at my father as he had his eyes closed and facing somewhat upwards, his face started faintly glowing a Blue light. He started saying something in a trance-like state and I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Next I remember was awakening, sweating.

48: 8/06/2015 – The Calling: A quarter to 4AM this morning: I was having a strange dream I need not describe but, in the dream I got a phone call from an unknown voice saying “come outside and see me “. I immediately opened my eyes and saw a streak of narrow light go across the ceiling above my bed. I got up and pulled the curtain to the window aside and immediately saw a meteor streak across the sky very fast with a long tail. I got a chill up my spine, quickly got dressed and went outside and noticed the 3 bright stars in perfect triangle formation, like my symbol. I stared at the night sky for a couple of minutes wondering if something was going to happen, nothing else seemed to happen. Now I am in bed again to write this. They, the ET’s are testing me? The time may be near.

I’m going to recall what I thought was a dream a few days ago: It was a dream at first but, it was interrupted by another scene that may have not been a dream. I ignored it but, after(and still) reading this Budd Hopkins book lately, I realized one segment of the book that recalls someone’s encounter/abduction under hypnosis, closely relates to what happened to me in what I thought was part of my dream. I am adding this to my dream archive but, not as an possible abduction account because, I’m honestly unsure… where as other real encounters occurred during absolute awakened hours.

49: 9/07/2015 – In Numbers: I’m on a road, parking lot or a field. It’s dark out so it is difficult to tell where I am. There are many bodies of people around me, all were dead and mostly all mutilated. The numbers 160 was spoken to me by an unknown voice.


50: 3/25/2017 – They took us far away and showed us fear: I’m in some sort of massive canyon or a building structure built into a canyon. Massive meaning many thousands of feet wide and long. I’m on a metal platform or catwalk, looking down into the expanse, the canyon rocks are dark grey and jagged but, there are walkways, platforms doorways all built into the canyon walls. I’m not alone… surprisingly T> is with me, as we try to run around looking for anyone else, we came upon something like a portal. These portals transport us from area to area around these canyons and chasms, much like a video game.

We are looking down the canyon noticing a dock or platform that has two metal ships, like battleships docked in the water against the platform. Out of nowhere comes and airliner, flying below us down the canyon. The jet just flies into a canyon wall and explodes. Another jet is coming, it too hit the wall and a ball of flame comes towards us, in the flame is a young man sitting in an airplane chair, screaming and burning as he approached… We dodged out of the way… nothing happened. Looking back down the canyon, no plane wreckage. It was just a hologram.

Running away from the scene, another portal we stepped into. Now we are inside space ship, there is a chair of sort in the middle of this large open room. The walls and floor are silver/grey smooth metal. There is a large window or transparent wall that was oval in shape.

There is a humanoid standing next to the chair, facing us and pointing at the view of stars quickly going by like warp speed in Star Trek but, they would suddenly change direction as if driving through a snow storm at night while the wind blows. We couldn’t feel any movement.He was dressed in a seemingly 1 piece sky blue outfit, he had blond hair, long and wavy…. He’s a hybrid just like many describe in ET encounters.The dream suddenly ends there.—Was this a dream or a flash back of what may have happened to us recently?

UPDATE: At least 5 ET abductees(reported from an ET abductee support group) including myself were hospitalized this past week with serious anxiety attacks. While I was in the hospital, I overhead the doctors talk about, “This is the 15th. person to come in here today with an anxiety attack, maybe there is something is the environment causing this?”. Further Update: Both my family members injured their shoulders with bruises for an unknown reason this past week. I believe this may be a flashback and part of what happened to us.

51: 7\28\2017 – A visit to Stalingrad: I’m with a woman that I can not see however I am talking with her as we climb up into what seems to be a concrete bombed out building, to an upper floor.

When we reach the top of what was left of the building, there is a concrete bench or table, maybe just a piece of wall laying horizontal before us. On it was old items made of pewter and crystal etc. I picked up what seemed to be a pewter train car when suddenly a ghostly man comes over the wall from below, scaling the outside of the building as I was looking over the edge of the floor. The ghost has a short sword or spike in its hand and he quickly stabs me in my left side.

The word Stalingrad races through my mind just as we briefly started running. The vision ended.

52: 8\18\2017 – Ring around the Sunny: I’m walking outside when I suddenly stopped to thrust my arms to the sky and look up at a solar eclipse. The sun was large with its center darkened, a fiery ring surrounds it. I begin spinning around faster and faster. I awakened.

53: 2/17/2018 – Elena to Italy: Elena came to visit me at my home, what seemed to be my home but, not the home I currently live in. She is to stay for several days or a week, both for business matter and R&R. I believe she may have had series of shows here in Florida and to save her $ I offered her to stay at my place. Either way, I was to take care of her basic hospitality needs, making sure she was transported to places to local places for shopping etc.

On the last night of her stay while she was sleeping. I was to wake her up at some point in the night so she didn’t miss her flight. I walked into the bedroom in the relative darkness and she was wrapped up in bed sheets laying on her left side, facing a wall the bed was against. First I tried verbally waking her however, she wouldn’t awaken.

I then poked or tapped her on her hip. She turned over but, didn’t quite awaken, Them I did the odd thing of giving the “sleeping beauty”(I literally heard or spoke this) a kiss on the forehead. She awakened and said ,”Thanks but, please don’t do that again”. I apologized and felt really sad because I didn’t mean anything by it, I just didn’t want to wake her rudely, I knew she was tired and groggy from whatever she did all week but, it was time to go.

I left the bedroom so she could dress etc.

What’s odd was, I wasn’t the one bringing her to the airport. It seemed I had something else to do. Matter of fact I didn’t get to see her after she awakened.

She left and I later found a note she left behind. In the note she thanked me for the hospitality etc. and she left me some sort of address to meet her in Italy.

I remember discussing with someone(a young man I didn’t recognize) that I felt surprised by that for some reason because I thought she was upset about the forehead kiss though, I didn’t say anything to him about it.

UPDATE: Soon after Elena visited Disney Land(CA) and took a photo of herself in front of The Sleeping Beauty Castle.

UPDATE: I just realized that the entry number in my visionary logs is #86. Elena’s band recently released an album simply titled, ’86’.

54: 10/3/2018 – Pilot Down: I’m in the back yard of a home. The property is seemingly 10+ acres. The grass is low cut and there is a barn at the far right corner of the land.

A fighter jet that looks like a Raptor except it has a single central rear engine, painted navy gray, suddenly appears just over the tree line surrounding the property, just as I was about to enter the barn.
The jet is flying very slowly as if trying to land on the property, then suddenly pitches upwards using the ground as lift, the engine roars full power and the jet launches back into the sky several hundred feet, makes a loop around as if to try and land again but, the engine cuts out and the jet plummets to the ground hitting the edge of the left side/rear of the property, exploding and turning the woods and grass on fire.
I stood there stunned for a few moments watching pieces of wreckage burn as I pulled out my cellphone… I heard sirens from police or fire start up. I called 911 and told them a jet just crashed. I didn’t dare walk over to the crash, it didn’t look like anyone would survive the crash.

55: 02/18/2019 – War of Worlds: I’m in an urban area just some miles from an modern city. Chaos and destruction all around as seemingly godlike beings and mechanical giants reign terror on the city in the distance. Robotic creatures, some of them towering nearly 100 stories tall, the Ariel vehicles piloted by an ET race that’s extremely violent. People assemble in armed groups with weapons of the future and common projectile weapons of today, civilians and government mixed, fighting what seems to be a losing battle as the city is soon overcome and begins spreading towards the urban area. Those watching in shock and awe begin gathering together, planning escape while others prepare to fight.
The thunderous chaos approaches, getting louder and louder.

56: 3/31/2019 – We meet again, it’s time to tell all: I was standing outside seemingly on a hill. JL was in a house that wasn’t far from where I was standing. The house was situated that I could see sort of downwards into the home. It was evening at last light. The house was 2 stories, white, with large windows mostly opened views. It looked new and well built. I could not see any other homes, it seemed it was a good portion of cleared grassy land. JL was inside cooking dinner or doing something near the sink and stove in the kitchen. She was wearing a comfortable white outfit.

Next thing I know I’m inside a building, a classroom or meeting of sort is going on, many people, that looking into two rooms, I did not see her.
Everyone was getting seated and the teacher or instructor was making sure he and all were ready.

I had something like a bandage or a mask on my face, around my jaw. I was wearing a cloak and hood. I spoke with the man and asked him where JL was, as I pulled off some sort of bandage or mask from my face, that I was here to pick her up.

She emerged from the crowd wearing a red and gold oriental type outfit or styled like so. She reached out her hand and I took it, leading her into another small room where a seemingly nurse dressed in blue scrubs, was standing next to a rack of supplies, and JL picked up a phone and said to the person, “Tomorrow I’m going to drop a bombshell”.

57: 8/18/2019 Crowned King Nothing: I’m in a building of sort, it’s fairly dark except for light by torches placed around the place. There are people around me. A woman approaches me with a golden crown and places it on my head and tells me that I am now a king. I suddenly felt magically powerful as I glanced into a mirror on a wall to see myself… I wasn’t me, I was someone beardless, someone older, someone with piercing light colored eyes that had a glow around the iris, as the face was illuminated a blue light, as if the crown has a power to make ones self glow. The reflection back had an an angry, or devilish attitude. I moved away and 3 people walked around a corner into the room briskly. I faced them and a power went through me, my vision zoomed into a woman’s face then back again as I yelled out in anger, “You dare approach your king unannounced!?” and suddenly the very air before me began to alter and create a transparent magical wall between them and I. They stopped in shock and stared at me. I walked to another portion of the room and a man had several guitars in a messy pileup inside a guitar case. I became angry and told him to immediately put the guitars properly in their cases. The man dared shrug at me and I became furious with power again, this time casting a fire bolt that incinerated the open lid to the guitar case. The man cowered in fear. The vision ended there. I think I been playing too many D&D games.

58: 02.18.2020 “Don’t move the van!(or tour bus)”: For whatever reason I was with Sepsiss band as a new or stand in guitar player. We were traveling in a van on our way to a show. We stopped at a bar and grill for something to eat. Strangely an x girlfriend was there… After eating they all got up to leave just moments before me.
As I was walking out, there was a man with his head down on the bar table, he had a notebook and something else with him. Someone said, “Hey that’s (can’t remember name) of a famed person. He was wearing all black and a cowboy type hat.
He lifted his head and got up to say something, clearly drunk and slurring his words. He was going to the bathroom and left his phone and notes on the bar table.
I went to pay our bill , the girl told me it was already paid for, to my surprise.
I walked outside and didn’t see the van… I started freaking out wondering why I was ditched. I got out my phone pacing around and started to call one of the members, then I noticed the white van parked out back of the place we were at. 3 members stepped out I think to smoke some pot and I was a bit upset. Melissa said to whoever was driving “See I told you it was a bad idea to move the van”.
We got in and drove to the venue, it was a festival of bands. We grabbed our instruments and went in the large building with corridors. It was so crowded we had to walk right behind each other or get lost. We went to one room but not all of us, it was the dressing room. One of the band came out with a bunch of outfits all the same. Red top, black pants. I said, am I supposed to wear that tonight? You guys don’t even know my size… A more heavy set member replied, Hey if my “so and so relative” can fit in those, you and I can”.
We continued going through the building to the warm up room. Other bands walking in behind us.

59: 06/27/2020 – Tsunami: I’m riding a bicycle, there’s a pit nearby where workers are digging earth with heavy equipment. I’m heading towards a beach, there’s a tall dune with people on top, a tunnel through it leads to the beach. I’m on the beach and a man walked by me saying to someone else that there is a tsunami warning as he looked at his phone, but he looked more confused than he was frightened. Perhaps this was because this area is not used to ever having one…
I leave the beach for the high dune. Moments later I see a single large wave in the distance, swelling and heading towards the beach. I yelled out as loud as I could… TSUNAMI!!! Everyone grab a child and run!!!!
Too late, the wave came too quickly and washed over the beach and just barely over the dunes as water rushed passed my feet. All those on the beach were swept away.
I heard both American English and Mexican or Spanish languages being spoken.

60: 07/08/2020 – Unexpected Rendezvous: I’m in a public place, seems to be a bar & grill, with an area for watching movies, where I was sitting in the dark with a couple other people… To my utmost surprise Elena C. enters the room and sits next to me…
“My gosh, Elena, I’ve not heard from you in years.. what are you doing here?”… She sits with me and smiles, leans closer and says something quietly…
We watch some of the movie for a moment, but now she moves to my side and rests leaning on me… As she puts a finger to her lips and says “Shhhh”.
A moment later I said “Shhh” to her as I lay a hand on her hip, then elsewhere as we continued to hide in the dark, watching a movie.

…to be continued.