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Prologue: The Story of Sam and Byron

  1. Mr. Bones
  2. The Brookhaven UFO Crash
  3. Right On Schedule

Chapter 1: The Lake Panamoka Encounter

  1. They Followed Sam

Chapter 2: To Venus(TX) and Back

  1. They’re Real And They’re Here
  2. The Mysterious Phone Call
  3. The Aftermath
  4. The Priest And The Abductee
  5. The Psychic

Chapter 3: The New York Encounter and Sightings

  1. The Return
  2. There’s More Than A Scar
  3. They Come With Magnificence
  4. True Blue EIV I See You
  5. What Was That?

Chapter 4: The Florida Encounters and Sightings

  1. Everywhere I Move, They Follow
  2. Let It Rain
  3. We Are Watching, Guiding You
  4. It’s Time To Go
  5. The Never Ending
  6. Now And Forever
  7. Here We Go Again!
  8. The Flashback
  9. Be My Witness
  10. Are They Healing Me?
  11. That’s No Chinese Lantern!
  12. The Inoculation
  13. How To Warn Of Abduction
  14. You’re Not Going Anywhere
  15. Finally Gotcha’ On Video!
  16. A Fast Mover
  17. Spy vs. Spy
  18. Welcome To The Triangle Club
  19. Walton’s Enterprise
  20. The EIV You Never Saw
  21. Palm Coast Hot Bed
  22. On Your Marks…
  23. Peak-a-Foo, We See you!

Chapter 5: Family Member Encounters and Sightings

  1. The Mothership Everyone But The NEWS Saw
  2. The Cover Up
  3. It Was Just There!
  4. Police Officer Confession
  5. They Warned Us
  6. One UFO Up In Z Formation

Chapter 6: The Conclusion

  1. The Legends
  2. Thank You

“Back in my world of prophecies end, among the stars that which we see descend. Pondering my life for which I was silent, as sol faded into my ocean violet. It was there I worshiped the night, and a tale would be written for the world, under starlight.” -The Never Ending [B.M.] 


The following is an detailed report of the ongoing extraterrestrial contact and sightings between two families in three different states of North America.

The Story of Sam and Byron

My name is Byron Malerba, born February 24th. 1976. The year is now 2017, the month of May, on the 7th. day, that I begin the journey of writing this long-awaited document to tell about a life I would never have expect to experience and bring myself to the reality that one day I would need to write about the confessions of those of us involved in encounters with extraterrestrial(ET) beings and their interstellar craft.

I was barely a teenager, into skateboards, 80’s Hard Rock / Metal Music, learning how to play guitar and date girls, run off into the forests and beaches, going to school and everything you’d expect from an 80’s kid to do. E.T. at the time was just a movie to me. This “just a movie” reality would soon abruptly come to an end for me. Everything I thought was reality would be forever changed on a cold calm night on Long Island, New York at the age of 13, the year of 1989. Changed in a most perplexing and stunning few moments, moments that forced a lasting memory which would go untold to the public until 2012 when I first made a series of videos with my initial confessions. Up until then, this part of our story was only known to family members and those involved.


A good friend of mine, whom at this time I can only tell you that his fictitious name is “Sam”, wishes to remain anonymous during this point in his life, mostly for reasons of being a family man with a wife and children, all of whom are well aware of this story being told about them. Out of respect for this confidentiality, for his family and anyone else involved in story that wished not to be named or that I do not have permission to name, I will give most people discussed in these documents fictitious names, with the exception of certain public figures. Unlike myself at this time, I do not have family responsibilities that could be affected perhaps negatively by openly confessing to ET sightings and what is called alien abductions, experiences or encounters.

With the permission of Sam and his family, I am writing this portion of the story for them as much as it is about them. This event seems to surround Sam and his family before I ever got involved, therefore the story will be told by creating a timeline of events beginning with the story of Sam.

From birth, Sam lived within the Lake Panamoka, Long Island, New York community, which was at the time surrounded by the Pine Barrens or what’s called Brookhaven Forest, as well as farmland and the community of homes surrounding the lake.

Mr. Bones

During an 2017 interview with Sam, he recalls his earliest memory of an likely ET encounter when very young at the age of 5 years old, with his brother, Thomas whom was the age of 3 years old. He goes on to explain that Thomas had an imaginary friend that he called Mr. Bones. Thomas described Mr. Bones as being thin with a big head. One night the boys were playing in a room in their home and Thomas thought that Mr. Bones was in the window. Sam looked at the window and swears he saw something with a big head and large black eyes, staring at them. As kids are, they became frightened and hid behind a mattress leaning up against a wall in a bedroom they were playing in, screaming for their father.

When their father came into the room and the boys explained to him that Mr. Bones was in the window, their father went outside to have a look, but nothing was there.

Childhood imagination? Perhaps, we all had our fears as children however, how many children describe a creature with a big head and large black eyes, though thin/skinny? Probably more often than people admit however, Sam is one to admit that he can not in later years, think of any other explanation for what they saw, obviously significant enough for Sam to remember from the age of 5 years old.

This distant memory may in fact have been his first encounter with an ET being however, does his story begin or end there? Perhaps not and in later years, surely not.

The Brookhaven UFO Crash

Sometime around 1985 both Sam and I recall an incident and mystery that surrounds a seemingly covered up UFO(*EIV) crash in the Brookhaven Forest near a facility called the Brookhaven Laboratory on Long Island, New York. The laboratory is secluded in the surrounding Pine Barrens, well away from public viewing. 

The Brookhaven State Park is a 1,638-acre state park in Wading River, New York. Established in 1971, the park land was formerly the property of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Though in this story I’m naming the region “Brookhaven”, it’s a large area that consists of  Southaven Park to Cathedral Pines. Somewhere in this general area of Long Island. At this time the exact location is unknown to myself. With further research this may be revealed.

A relative of Sam, whose identity is withheld for very serious reasons, was an employee at or for or otherwise associated with the laboratory ever since Sam knew. Sam and I speculate that his relative and perhaps co-workers, along with military, were at, near or somehow involved with the scene of the crash site, being they were likely working there that day or night.

It was reported in the newspaper the next day that a small plane had crashed near the laboratory or within the Brookhaven Forest. An easy cover story for what likely really crashed there, because it turns out that our family members and their friends that worked for law enforcement and the local fire departments had a different story to tell, as I clearly remember my own family discussing this event, which is how I even found out about it to include in our story.

Sam recalls this moment with his relative while he/she was reading the newspaper the following morning of the crash. Sam stated that his relative expressed disbelief and frustration at the article, stating that it was quote, “rubbish”.

It became word-of-mouth that an ET UFO crashed in Brookhaven Forest. The firemen that arrived on the scene were held back and removed from the scene by military.

It is known that military had a presence at the laboratory. This crash occurred on the West side of William Floyd Parkway, across the parkway from the laboratory. One would assume now that everyone involved were silenced.

Update: While I had been writing this document, new information has come to me about this incident. As mentioned later in this document, chapter 5 “Police Officer Confession”, the police officer I named Charles, has recently informed me that he/she spoke with a Deputy Sheriff that was at the scene of the Brookhaven/Cathedral Pines/Southhaven, Long Island, New York UFO crash in the 1980’s.

I quote the retired police officer I speak of, “I recently spoke with the Deputy Sheriff that was at the scene of the UFO crash at Southhaven Park. He told me that indeed an entire extraterrestrial UFO crashed in the woods, that was immediately hauled off by the military. He said that the military ordered police to shut down all roads and if anyone is seen in the area, to stop them and check them for cameras etc. People were arrested, any cameras were taken. The police, fire department and any civilians were all threatened by military, that if they ever spoke about the incident, terrible things would happen to them.”

I have no further information at this time.

Right On Schedule

Not long after the likely UFO crash in the Brookhaven Forest, within the next couple years, Sam remembered a moment with his relative in his Lake Panamoka home one evening, that lends great credibility to the theory that his relative that worked at the laboratory may have been in contact somehow with ET’s. He goes on to explain that one night his relative asked Sam to join him/her in the second level of a home, to view out of the window something out in the field nearby their home, and that it would appear in a few moments. What happened moments later would implant a lifelong memory for Sam.

In the field suddenly appeared hovering just a few feet above the ground was an oval shaped EIV and it radiated an overall white and multicolored lights. At the time, Sam had no idea what he was seeing.

When Sam asked his relative what it was, the reply was that it was a new neon sign for a store that opened on Route 25A. OK to explain to a child however, years later when Sam recalls the event, he realized there was no possible way that what he saw that evening could have been a neon sign. One cannot see the stores along Route 25A from the home on the other side of the forest and field.

Sam draws the conclusion that this relative knew exactly when this EIV would appear in the field, but how? Was this relative involved with ET’s somehow, that crash-landed in the Brookhaven Forest near where this relative worked?

What brings even more mystery to this is that Sam questioned his relative about this experience once again a decade or so later, where the relative replied, “It never happened and never question what I do for work”. Sam until this day has no idea what his relative does or did for work at the laboratory and he may never know the truth. One can only hope his relative, if involved in this, will one day confess as we are.

You can find the visual/audio version of the 2017 interview I conducted with Sam, here: