Chapter 6: The Conclusion

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As for my final report on these documents, completed on November 29th. 2018, to date. Any future experiences, sightings, information and developments from this point on, will be updated through my websites and updated through the ‘online’ version of this document wherever they may be at my control.

In all hopes, with continued development and support from anyone willing to put forth the time to research our story, a documentary or movie may be presented someday. I ask that anyone that is going to present or tell our stories, please do so with our permission and without changing our stories. Our story is true to all the facts that we know, nothing is made up or exaggerated. We’re not confessing these stories of our lives for money, we expect no such public support though whatever follows the release of this document may bring offers from here and there, I can only promise that anything earned would be used for the right causes to bring this story or any portion(s) of this story, to the many.

The Legends

The following images are legends of encounters for each demographic area according to the stories told in this document. This is to speed the process of research for those interested.

Long Island





Thank You

A special thanks to “Sam”(You asked for your name not to be mentioned…) for all your help in recalling our memories and helping me put together these confessions. Without your recollections and knowledge this would not have been an easy task or even extensively possible. Much credit to you my friend!

I’d like to especially thank my own family members for their confessions and part in supporting our cause to bring this story to the world. See? I added our names to history, I accomplished something…

Thank you to friends and everyone for believing in us and encouraging me to push forward with our story. Most of you ran away but, those that stayed are my hero’s.

Yes, even you “Melanie”, thank you for your personal confessions whence upon a time that you admitted to being involved. We hope that one day you too will join our efforts.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the researchers that ever took our case seriously and or offered their support in helping me contact others like ourselves and point me in directions. Maybe a couple of you a little too seriously.

Oh right, also I’d like to thank the Aliens after all, none of this would exist without you. Not one word.

…to be continued?


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