Chapter 5: Family Member Encounters and Sightings

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I’ll begin by telling the reader that the following encounters are family member confessions described in their own words, written in a timeline of events. First I extensively interviewed my father, whom agreed to have his name mentioned in this document. His recollections of events are as true as he can remember them. I say “remember” loosely, in fact he never forgot anything about the events he and others witnessed.

The year was 1957 or 1958: As a most distant memory, my father(Nicholas) first recalls when he was 13 years old. A boy by the name of Craig M., who’s father at the time was an Air Force colonel at the Westhampton Air Force Base, Long Island, New York, brought a piece of metallic material into school at St. John’s Evangelist School in Riverhead, New York, to show his friends, the 6″ x 6″ material he took from his father. The material was thin like foil or Mylar, but no matter what they did to crumple it, it went back into place and tearing it was impossible.

He’s not 100% sure the material was ET related however, after decades of thought and seeing what the future held in advancements in materials to say the least, he’s almost certain the material he held was a piece of ET craft or likewise, as he’s yet to see any material like it, until this day, that wasn’t animated on the TV during the stories of others that have held similar material.

This day may have been what brought our family into the life long encounters with ET’s. As they say in the UFOlogy community, once you encounter anything ET, likely you’ll be involved again at some point in your life.

This didn’t take long before my family would start being involved in a series of encounters…

The Mothership Everyone But The NEWS Saw

Spring of 1966 Ridge, New York: My father has had quite a few EIV encounters throughout his life, excluding the encounters while he was with me. His story begins in the spring of 1966 in Ridge, New York. While driving down Raynor Road heading North towards my grandfather’s home, with my grandfather(Jerry), grandmother(Anne) and uncle(Dennis) at around 9:30 PM. They stopped and exited their vehicle to witness a massive EIV that was approximately 300 yards long, cigar-shaped, dark metallic grey, with large oblong violet colored windows, that were spaced around the entire perimeter of the EIV. The EIV was moving counterclockwise above the forest, which was at the time the RCA research facility area.

The EIV moved silently at about the speed of a private airplane. After watching it for several minutes, my grandfather left everyone standing there to continue watching the EIV while he got in the car and drove to their home a few houses down to call the police before driving back to them and continue observing the EIV until one police officer arrived. The officer was stunned at what he was seeing as he radioed over three more officers to come down and witness the event.

The EIV continued to hover around the area for one and a half hours before my family members got back into the vehicle and went home, leaving the Police behind to continue observing the EIV.

Some years later my uncle became a Police Officer and he tried to look for the records of this incident. He found nothing at all. That’s not to say the report doesn’t exist, rather more than likely means the report was not available for viewing.



The Cover Up

Within a week’s time of this 1966 sighting, my father was out in the woods of the RCA facility between the towns of Ridge and Rocky Point, NY, when he noticed two men and a flatbed truck on a dirt trail that ran parallel to a fire break. The two men were wearing military clothing except they had their shirts off on the hot day. My father observed one man on top of a large wooden box that was on the flatbed truck, taking up nearly the entire size of the flatbed; the man was hammering the box shut while another man was strapping the box secure. My father suggests there may have been another vehicle to lift the object onto the flatbed however, it was not there at the time.

My Father became frightened and ran away out of the woods. He didn’t understand it at the time, but until this day he believes that the men were boxing up an crashed EIV, which may explain why they were there in the first place and why the large EIV was over the area the previous week before this incident.


I have personally spent many days hanging out in that very same woods and the firebreak he remembers this event from. I remember  the area is not accessible by vehicles unless they unlock the telephone pole styled gate only officials such as a fire department would have access too. Why would a military flatbed truck drive back there for no real serious reason? Why were they boxing up and strapping a tarp down on something large in the middle of the woods?

That was the last encounter or sighting my father had until the year 2000 when my father, mother and myself were abducted seemly by MILAB in the Ridge, New York home.

It Was Just There!

My father’s next encounter wouldn’t be until 2007 in Archer, Florida where we resided at the time. While driving along a dirt road that ran along and past what is called Watermelon Pond, he noticed an oval shaped, rust colored, EIV hovering at treetop level over the pond. He said it looked like it had two rivet lines at each end the oval resembling the shape of a football without the pointy ends. He observed the UFO for about 15 seconds as he slowly drove by and chose a spot to turn around. While he turned the vehicle around, the EIV disappeared.

Understandably it looks like a blimp how it was drawn however, if you examine the area, there is no reason for a blimp to be in that location at the low altitude described. The color of it and that it disappeared within 15 seconds is also not descriptive of a blimp.


Police Officer Confession


Fall of 2015 Yaphank, New York: After speaking with a family friend about my experiences, he told me that a family member of mine (names not given at this time without permission) had recently seen an ET EIV in Yaphank, Long Island, New York. I will give this family member the fictitious name of “Charles”. I contacted Charles after hearing this surprising, but not unexpected news, considering Charles is a retired Police Officer.

Charles explains to me that he was driving along River Road in Yaphank, New York, around 10:00 PM during the fall of 2015. He noticed hovering above the forest was a large 200′ ft. diameter or more, circular object that was glowing colors of white, green and blue. It was obscured by fog which prevented him from seeing detailed features to the craft, as he said it was only visible from the bottom. To him it appeared to look like the child’s game ‘Simon Says’, with its circular pie cut pattern and array of colored lights.

He pulled his vehicle over to an area just beyond the nearby railroad track which the road goes under in a very small tunnel(at the time). He observed the EIV for approximately 1 minute before deciding to continue driving a bit closer to the EIV for a better view. When he came around a turn in the road, the EIV was no longer there.

Charles admits that during this time he was so perplexed as to what he was seeing, that he completely forgot to take out his camera and photograph the EIV. He mentioned that it was strange enough that he considered calling into the precinct and tell them to step outside and look at the “UFO”. Till this day he doesn’t understand how seemingly no one else saw the EIV or perhaps they did and it was reported to someone. Regardless he didn’t call in the sighting, nor did he report it to MUFON. Charles admits that he’s never had an ET UFO/EIV encounter before, and is fully convinced of what he witnessed.

Update: I recently had spoken with Charles again and he has informed me that he spoke with a Deputy Sheriff that was at the scene of the Brookhaven\Southhaven Park, Long Island, New York UFO crash in the 1980’s.

I quote the retired police officer I speak of, “I recently spoke with the Deputy Sheriff that was at the scene of the UFO crash at Cathedral Pines or known as Southhaven Park. He told me that indeed an entire extraterrestrial UFO crashed in the woods, that was immediately hauled off by the military. He said that the military ordered police to shut down all roads and if anyone is seen in the area, to stop them and check them for cameras etc. People may have been arrested, and any cameras were taken. The police, fire department and any civilians were all threatened by military, that if they ever spoke about the incident, terrible things would happen to them”.

River Road

They Warned Us

Summer of 2011: My mother Irene, had her seemingly second ET encounter at our rented home in the Z-Section of Palm Coast, Florida. Though she doesn’t remember any details of the encounter, we all experienced the what I call, prelude to an ET encounter, with physical material proof.

I’ve read about in other people’s encounters that they sometimes have strange events happen to them prior to encounters, which includes the very events that I will describe.

The story begins in the middle of the day. We were all lying down for a midday nap, retired to our bedrooms. My bedroom was at the front of the house, theirs to the rear of the house. The doorbell rang and I sat up in bed to look out of the window to see who was there. I didn’t see anyone so I went to go answer the door. No one was there. No one to be seen anywhere outside.

Later sometime around midnight, my mother was standing outside behind the home having a cigarette when moments later she opened the door and called for me to come to her. She said, “There’s a knocking sound coming from the swamp”. I stood outside with her for about two minutes and during this time sure enough, something was in the swamp/woods behind our home, repetitively knocking on seemingly a tree, not too far from the house, within 200′ feet or so. It was a heavy knocking as if something at least man sized, was using something solid and heavy to hit a tree with. It was dead of night so the sound would echo a bit through the woods and off our house. Between each hit on a tree, was about a five second pause. I heard the hits about six times before it suddenly stopped and all was quiet. We thought to ourselves, there’s no way a person or even a large animal could be back there right now, because the swamp is pitch black and full of 3′ – 4′ foot deep water.

After a little while we all retired and went to bed.

The next morning my mother and father awakened first, my mother pounding at my door to wake me up. I opened the door and she looked concerned or scared. She said, “I need to show you something. I think something may have happened last night, one of your alien abductions”.

I followed her to the bedroom and saw my father still sitting up in bed getting ready to get up for the day. She reached for her nightgown on the bed, picked up the left chest/rib cage area and pointed out that the gown was ripped or cut open approximately 1 foot of the nightgown. She said, “Look, something or someone, somehow cut my nightgown open in the night. It’s impossible that I would have ripped this is my sleep”, as she began pulling as hard as she could on the very elastic material.

I examined the gown and noticed that it was no rip or tear, it was however a straight cut from a scissor or otherwise sharp object. No fibers were frayed from ripping and the separation was clean and straight. I pulled on the material with great strength and it refused to rip!

I immediately asked her if she had any memory and she looked at me half terrified and said, No! I then grabbed a plastic bag and put the nightgown in it and tied it shut and said, “I’ll keep this until we can have it officially looked at someday, there might be evidence on this”. It’s been in the bag ever since, until this day.

I am now going to ask you, the reader, to watch a video of me carefully removing the nightgown from the bag for the first time since the suspected ET abduction, to reveal the nightgown, the cut and it’s elasticity. I will then place it back in the bag never to be opened again until someone out there can professionally look over the possible unseen details.

Link to video:

One UFO up in Z Formation


Family member UFO(EIV) report: Palm Coast, Florida(B-Section): My mother, while standing outside having a cigarette, observed a bright white/blue, round orb(circle) of light come near our home within a mile at 8:50’ish pm EST, heading from west to east. The orb suddenly changed directions to the South and then suddenly stopped again and headed West, in a Z Pattern.

Approximate size of the aircraft was “larger than a plane”, meaning a private prop plane. Total visual time was only 5 seconds! to make the Z pattern and cover a distance of within a mile.

MUFON CASE # 97961