Chapter 4: The Florida Encounters and Sightings

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Everywhere I Move, They Follow

The year was now 2001 and the 9\11 World Trade Center incident weighed heavy on all of us. It was soon after that I would come down with the psoriasis disease. It was first noticed as a spot on my back, between my shoulder blades, then quickly the disease attacked my scalp and my musicians long hair began to thin and fall out, so I had it cut off and began treating myself, or so I thought.

My family wanted to leave New York, so we sold our home and purchased one in Florida. My mother moved to Florida first until my father retired from Mather Hospital as the Director of Respiratory Therapy, which was a few months later, as he took up a room in my apartment in Coram, NY for the meantime.

After a series of hardships mentally, physically and financially, I lost my 3 jobs working at 2 hospitals and as a licensed pyrotechnician for a fireworks company. Down and out I had nowhere to go, but to go to Florida with family to figure out a new life.

I had moved away from Long Island, New York in February of 2002 to Dixie County, Florida where my family had already retired too. It wouldn’t be long before the psoriasis began advancing on my body and I was unable to find sufficient work to continue making payments on my brand new 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, so they came and took my vehicle away.

After about a year, I found a sign company that needed a graphics designer and I took the job until some months later when I saved enough $, I put all my eggs into one basket and invested into my own sign company in Gainesville, FL.

The Iraq War(Desert Shield / Storm) broke out and the economy in Gainesville fell hard. 5 sign shops, including my own, ended up going bankrupt and as for myself, was the final straw for me. At the same time my family decided we needed to move away from the desolate Dixie County for someplace more developed. After residing in Dixie County, Florida for about three years, we temporarily moved again to Fort White, Florida for one year, until we could find a place we’d like to live.

To my utmost surprise, it would be in Fort White, Florida where my third ET encounter accrued, and it only happened to me this time.


My family members had gone away on a trip to New York to visit relatives. Within a week of their 2 week departure, one night I was outside of the home under the only lamp post on the 5 acre property, which was at the end of the driveway next to the house, talking on the phone with a friend. I had without thought, drawn in the sand using a tree branch, the very symbol I remembered after the Texas encounter. I made the symbol in an approximate 5’ foot radius and thought nothing more of it as I ended my conversation for the night and went to sleep.

I was awakened three times during the night with the feeling like I was being watched. The third time, I tried to awaken however, for whatever reason, I could not fully become conscious as I felt like I was somehow suspended in the air with my arm dangling down, with the sensation of my fingertips touching the carpet of the floor. This sensation began to fully awaken me and when I did, I heard what sounded like people running through my house wearing boots, from out of the bedroom I was in. The footfalls sounded like they were leaving the house in a hurry, ending with the sound of the back door closing.

I immediately forced myself out of the bed and ran out of the now open bedroom door to the hallway, seeing no one. I then immediately ran to the back door to see if the door had been broken into. Nothing was immediately visible so, I opened the door, ran down the short few steps and around the house to the driveway.

I looked down the driveway and saw a black painted pick-up truck turn on its headlights and race away from the end of the driveway where it was parked on the dirt road, blocking my driveway. At the same time, a bright white light was in the sky within my view, seemingly within a half mile away, perhaps hovering over the main road just outside the community I was in.

It was three or four times the size of the brightest star or planet you can see. It quickly brightened with a brilliant flash of white light and disappeared into the opposite direction I was facing(West), becoming pinpoint small within a seconds time.

From the time I heard the footfalls and ran out of the house to the driveway, this happened within 15 seconds. Whatever was in my house, ran out and down a 300’ foot driveway and got into a vehicle, within that time. Impossible or is it possible?

I went back into my home and re-checked the house for forced entry. There were no signs of anything peculiar inside or outside. There were no footprints on the length of the driveway, nonetheless the footprints of several bodies having run down the driveway to save their lives. For obvious reasons, I didn’t call the police.


I’m not sure if this encounter was an successful abduction or not. I’m leaning more towards it not being successful due to the only fact that I was not distraught or dazed and confused for hours or days after, as I was during the Texas encounter, nor did I find any strange markings etc. on or within my body, as with the previous abduction. I leave it to question.

Let It Rain

After about a year of living in Fort White, Florida, my family and I moved to Archer, Florida were we resided for about 6 years. During this time my psoriasis disease was full blown and I was mostly bedridden all of these years, suffering immensely, depressed like no other time before and all I could do was keep going to a dermatologist to start topical medicines that ultimately failed.

Something else began to happen to me though. As if my life wasn’t chaotic and confusing enough, the visions began. I started having a series of dreams like no others, ever. Dreams that I discovered were perhaps not dreams after all, rather being visions or prophecy. I started seeing events, tragic events, personal events for myself, family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Seen in such details it was as if I were living them, though I knew they were during sleep as they often ended with awakening immediately finding myself writing them down, recording them in detail with visions from 2007 until at least now in 2018. I have recently released a version of these visionary logs for public consumption, currently 54 entries that which you can find at this link: Visionary Logs

These visions made me feel that I have a much deeper purpose, that I was without a doubt, a “contactee” as people refer to us as. This isn’t normal, people hardly even remember their dreams, people don’t dream of the things I do, do they? Not really. Seemingly only those whom have been labeled visionaries and prophets or likewise, but that’s not me or am I one of them now? Why and how? Who else besides the ET’s themselves? They must have done something to me, and suddenly it was obvious, I needed to find Sam and Melanie, find out if they too were experiencing these visions?

During this time period I had searched online the names of Sam and Melanie in hopes to recollect on the past and find out if they were still having encounters etc. I was very ill and was staring possible death in the face, but I wanted answers to all of this before that ever happened.

At first I found Melanie online, a poem of hers…

“I came upon a poem, a rose of life, that’s you. And there in it’s scarlet wound, a life confession that chilled me to the bone” -The Never Ending [B.M.]

At the end of the poem was an e-mail link where I sent a message. She replied saying that she remembered me and we began to speak online to catch up on the past etc. finding out from her that she and Sam had divorced approximately 2 years after the 1998 abduction. For nearly 7 months we spoke before all hell broke loose and I  fell into deep depression. For reasons I don’t need to explain, just about everything went wrong.

I had drawn the last straw with myself and I saw no hope. I attempted suicide, though I immediately turned myself in to authorities for help, rather than of the first option. Without giving details on how that played out, I soon sought help with a psychologists and the diagnosis was, “You’re not crazy, but you’ve been through extremely traumatizing events”. Where was my help???

No one can help me nor any of us. There’s no organization, no magical pill to take this all away from my life at least, but there were… them… again…

We Are Watching, Guiding You


Soon, within a month or two, one night I had walked out onto the porch that faced the back yard, which was 5 acres of cleared land except for a row of trees along the sides of the property separating the 5 acre plots of the homes in the area.

While having a cigarette and looking out over the yard this late evening, suddenly a neon blue oval shaped EIV appeared just over the trees along one edge of the property, about 200’ feet from where I was standing. “Suddenly” meaning it literally just appeared as if it was there the whole time. It’s glow self illuminated and did not cast ambient light. It hovered stationary for about 3 seconds before moving at a high rate of speed at an angle, up out of visibility as it quickly faded out heading away from Earth.

In total shock and still staring in disbelief, 5 seconds later, just as the EIV was out of my view, another white oval shaped EIV appeared at the same location, literally right next to where the first EIV appeared! It too suddenly appeared as if it were already there. The EIV hovered for 3 seconds, then followed the same path as the previous EIV, with the same results. These EIV’s seemed to have no texture, nothing defining any structural parts, they were perfect ovals.

I immediately ran inside to tell my family and I reported this sighting to MUFON. An investigator contacted me back right away and quickly checked his sources for anything that would explain what I saw, other than EIV’s. His report concluded that there was no man made aircraft, rockets or satellites in the area at the time of the sighting. Conclusion of the report was an unknown aircraft of unknown origin and purpose.


It’s Time To Go


We eventually had to move out of the rented home in Archer, FL and moved once again, this time to Palm Coast, Florida.

August 1st. 2011: While we were moving the bulk of our belongings, my father and I were traveling in an U-Haul truck, along Route 100, somewhere in the 12 Mile Swamp Conservation Area. We had just passed a line of planted pine trees, when I saw to my right(West), a fairly large(the size of a pickup truck) dark object, hovering over a farmers field motionless and tilted to one side, about 300 feet from the road. My father also saw it when I told him to look, as we observed it for approximately 5 seconds before a line of trees blocked our view. After we passed the tree line where we had a moment to look again, it was gone. Indeed, we together saw our first EIV,  but why was this exciting to us? Does this mean they are literally everywhere and or following/watching over us? Will this ever end???


The Never Ending

No, it would not end. Matter of fact, the sightings and experiences increased and instead of feeling hunted by ET’s, I suddenly felt like I finally started to — awaken somehow. As if everything starting making some sort of sense that I am without a doubt, one of those in this world chosen to live this life with ET beings following me and my family whether I/we like it or not, and I am still not sure if I do or not, but they are still there…


Summer of 2011: Near my rented home at the time in the Z-Section of Palm Coast, Florida, while I had stood outside my front door for a few moments to observe a pop-up thunderstorm to the East, approximately 2 miles away. Some moments later I witnessed a dark grey/black, smooth textured, oval shaped EIV(approximately the size as shown here) enter the cloud at a high rate of speed. About 10 seconds later, a fighter jet comes from the other direction as if to intercept the EIV; also at a very high rate of speed and silent, possibly faster than the speed of sound, enter the cloud. Neither craft appeared to exit the cloud at any time as I continued observing, wondering as always, why I’m somehow chosen to witness such strange EIV events?

At this point I didn’t even bother to report to MUFON yet more EIV sightings. What would they start thinking if the same person kept reporting UFO’s and having abductions? I decided to keep quiet and continue chugging on through life.



Again and now, something is seriously and obviously going on that I simply can’t ignore. Why all of a sudden am I witnessing so many EIV’s and now with military?

Shocked I was once again to witness from the same home, from the same viewpoint, during the summer of 2011, looking towards the East, I had witnessed a military helicopter similar as shown here(if not exact), traveling at seemingly full speed, at an approximate distance as shown in the image. What appeared to be yet another dark grey/black EIV(as I’ve seen before in this part of Florida) traveling at the same speed behind the helicopter. The EIV was half the size of the helicopter, that which I didn’t even notice at first in the bright light of mid day as the helicopter approached. Ultimately traveling the same straight flight path out of my view the entire length of at least 3 miles.

This sighting lasted for approximately 30 seconds and I got a good view to say the least. I don’t know if anyone else saw this event however, how could someone else have not, is my question?

Zoeller Ct HelicopterEIV

February 18th. 2012: I stepped outside my home to the backyard at just before 8:23 PM. I looked up at a jet airliner that I can hear quietly passing above at a fairly relaxed speed. It was low enough in altitude that I could see the glow of some individual windows that were on the airliner. Considering the flight path and altitude, I would guess the jet took off from Daytona International Airport.

A moment later, suddenly I observed a golden yellow oval shaped EIV, half the size of the airliner,  illuminate above the airliner, and quickly lowered itself close to the airliner, traveling the exact speed near the center of the airliners fuselage. It hovered for about 5 seconds, then abruptly moved straight up and away out of visibility towards the Orion Nebula or Orion’s Belt, from my vantage point. The total visual time was about 15 seconds.

I didn’t even think twice, this was too much! What I just witnessed may have been a mass abduction of many people and I wasted no time immediately reporting this incident to MUFON whom I would hope to seriously investigate this sighting.

I was contacted back immediately and was given a star chart to draw on relatively what I saw, that I’ve now based this animation on:

I don’t know if this case was investigated, as should have been done, to the point of finding out which jet airliner it was, who was on that jet and if anyone has anything to say for an experience? My honest opinion is, these people on this airliner should be found and questioned somehow!


“Sometimes things must change, and this is what we’ve become” -The Never Ending [B.M.]

Now And Forever

I soon discovered a company with a medicine that might help my psoriasis now at its critical stage, in one last effort to heal myself. I had gained a lot of weight over the past few years and I was even more afraid that my bad health would simply end me. I found a public program that would help me obtain this medicine at little to no cost, because of my severity and inability to work for income. I was accepted to the program and started seeing a dermatologist that was more than saddened to see my condition, literally dumping all their samples at me when I would leave appointments. I began my injections.

It’s working, the medicine is healing me! Within months my skin started clearing up to where I could freely move my limbs and I started feeling stronger. Finally, I picked myself up and started to do the one thing I missed the most about life, and that was nature. I started hiking in a local forest, Bulow Forest it’s called. What a beautiful place it was, but the hiking trails were very neglected and there were piles of trash throughout the forest. I became agitated, disgusted in what humanity had done to the world with its trash! Why is it in our so called protected forests? Why is it everywhere I go? This needs to change and I soon found out that, this would be one of my new purposes in life. If no one else is going to do it, someone needs to step up. That person would be myself.

I soon took up the official position with the state of Florida to voluntarily remove the trash from the forest, take care of the trails, build new trails and what a magnificent job I did. The Florida State Park Environmental Protection started praising me and hosting marathon races through the forest. I was up to 1,300+ recorded hours of volunteer service and I had lost nearly 100 lbs. by the time I was done cleaning and making anew at least 7 miles of forest.

Was this it, my new purpose? Why do I care so much about nature? More than half this world couldn’t care less to apply themselves to the same cause… without being paid that is. Why me? I don’t think this is a choice, this is a must do cause, and I can only think of one reason why I’m suddenly so inspired to make this change. That reason is likely the ET’s themselves. They want our trash pit of a world cleaned up(to say the least) and I couldn’t be any more blunt than that.

Though I’ve moved away from the Bulow Forest area now, until this day I continue to volunteer under the radar at a local park which is a set of 3 lakes in a nature preserve called Graham Swamp. Nearly every week I go there for one day to clean up the ever growing human stain… wait…

Here We Go Again!


September 5th. 2013: My father and I were on Ormond Beach, Florida, surf fishing shortly before sundown. A fog could be seen a mile or two out over the ocean. A military helicopter passed by over the beach several times until it became dark as you see here, then it hovered nearby watching as we were trying to fish, soon several (5-6) fiery orange Orbs appeared in the fog, one to two at a time.

Each orb would hover a few moments or up to a minute or so, then quickly move to the right(South) of this image where you see the third orb, then they would either hover a bit more before blinking out or they would fade out.

During the sightings and in between fishing and trying to pick up the camera every time the orbs appeared, a passer by(a woman) walked up towards us from behind us on the beach. She stopped within 40′ feet of us to ask us about what we were seeing? I told her I didn’t know if we were seeing “UFO’s” or an “Aircraft Carrier launching jets.”

She watched with us quietly for a few moments more then, to be honest, neither one of us seemed to pay attention to her leave, and I never saw her arrive in a vehicle either. I just saw her walk up to us and start speaking. Though we suspected it may have been an aircraft carrier launching jets at first, these fiery orbs in fact did not behave nor appear like afterburners of jets or even missiles. There were no long trails of fire, the objects didn’t curve up as if jets from a deck of an aircraft carrier either. Besides, if an aircraft carrier was that close launching jets, we’d hear the roaring.

This event happened over a period of a half hour, all the while the helicopter remained with us, hovering in near silence until the lights out at sea, stopped, then the helicopter flew out to sea away from the area of EIV’s. We also left the beach at the same time.

Note: I have video of the event. At least I tried to capture the event on video however, it was just too dark for the camera to focus on the orbs, though I did get video of the helicopter and audio of us and the woman discussing the sightings. The Video:

If you search “UFO(‘s) Ormond Beach”, you will find other peoples videos of these orbs:

Also, this video shows near exactly what we saw:

One Of The Few, But Of The Many

As stated in Chapter 3, my “abilities” would start affecting my social life. My social senses have also been heightened. I can in fact read, sense, just know, what people are feeling or something about them unseen, no matter where on the Earth they are, randomly, when it matters for “in the moment”.

I’ve even been able to make events happen, subconsciously, that other people have witnessed. From just happening to be at the right place and or at the right time to come to someone’s aid, much of which is realized by the many personal experiences posted on my social media profile.

One great example of this ability is an strange multiple time event that until this day still has me scratching my head and the other person involved, literally frightened.

October 19/20th 2014: I went alone to a concert at House of Blues, Orlando, Florida to see the bands Delain, Xandria and Sonata Arctica.

I stood near the short staircase to the left of the stage, when I sensed a presence behind me. I turned to find a young woman in a black dress, walk down the stairs and stood behind me, looking at her phone.

I turned to the stage, but kept my senses on her, after all, her presence made me notice her, I should pay attention.

I hear the chilling sound of her back cracking behind me. Disturbed by this, I turned around and told her, “You really shouldn’t do that, you’re ruining your spine”. She smiled and said, “but it feels great!”.

We began talking about the concert and ourselves. She told me she is a (content removed) and she’s also a (content removed) that works at/on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. She told me she was at the concert to follow her favorite band Sonata Arctica.

We talked the entire time after every song even through Sonata Arctica though just before the end of the set, I suddenly took her hand and asked her to come with me, that I’ll get her something from the band.

I pulled her through a few rows of packed in people, she graciously and without hesitation, held on behind me until I stopped 10’ ft. from the stage. We enjoyed the last song and the band came up to throw stage stuff to the crowd.

The guitar player threw his guitar pick at me. The pick hit me in the chest and fell down at my feet, but I couldn’t see it right away as I slowly bent down for it, a young man next to me bent down to grab the pick just as I was about to grab it. I actually said to him, “Hey! I was going to give that to the lovely lady here, you mind?”. He ignored me. Fair is fair, I understand.

Next the drummer steps up, throws his stick out and I hopped up and grabbed it! I immediately handed it to her and before grabbing it, she jumped up on me, held on and said, “you’re my hero!”.

We laughed, talked and walked over to where Delain and Xandria were taking photos with people and signing autographs, where we both took photos with the band. We finished and walked out to the parking lot together, exchanged social media contacts and parted ways.

Shown here in center, holding the drum stick.

For 2 weeks we chatted on our social media page and got acquainted, then she suddenly stopped speaking to me after likely finding out that our experience may have been the work of other forces *beyond ourselves.

I contacted her to ask why? All she said was, “Please don’t be upset, It’s me, not you, I’m not ready for this!”.

That’s the last I heard from her until I attended yet another concert at the same venue some months later…

May 8-9th. 2015: I’m standing on line with hundreds of people at House of Blues, Orlando at the Nightwish, Delain and Sabaton concert. I began talking to three young men behind me that just happened to be visiting from Switzerland.

I can see behind them were three blond haired girls talking among themselves, and I could see down the entire line both ways, taking notice to everyone as the young men were talking to themselves about something that wasn’t anything I should also discuss with them, so I let them chat alone as I turned around and waited to be talked to again.

Suddenly I sensed a presence behind me again, a familiar presence. I immediately turned and blindly pointed directly at someone standing behind the guys and said “You!”. She, (content removed), was standing there looking into her phone, then looked up at me, turned ghost white and began trembling! as she stared me in the eyes for a few moments of disbelief, then she nervously looked back down and poked at her phone again, trying to ignore the fact of what I just did to notice her.

I quickly turned around, heart racing and confused. I turned back again to say something to her… She was gone! At that moment I realized not just she was gone, but the three girls that were standing there before she was, were gone too!

I looked around trying to find where they all went too, because normally once in line at a concert, people don’t just leave the line without someone holding their place for them.

A few moments later to my surprise, I saw her standing a hundred or so people back on the line with another girl, but still looking at her phone, not appearing to be nervous or attentive at all.

I was baffled and asked the guys behind me, “Did you just see that girl standing behind you, that I just pointed too?” The young men all shrugged and said, “No!” and I said, “You did just see me point at her and say something, right? What about the girls that were behind us the whole time?” The young men didn’t seem to know what to say to me other than look at me strangely and shake their heads, No!

From that point on I turned around and didn’t say another word to them as the line began moving into the venue. I searched around inside for her and found her at the top floor balcony. I approached her and she turned around just as I was behind her and we both extended our hands at the same time to shake, as I greeted her.

She very lightly grabbed my hand and held onto my fingers. I said, “Hello! You do remember me, yes?”. She replied, “Yes, I do remember you very much”, but she looked down, pouts as if she was hiding feelings”, I said, “Are you OK?”. While she’s still holding onto my hand she said, “I’m OK!”. Again she pouts, then lets go of my hand. Then she turns her back to me and stares off into the distance at the stage. I said, “It’s OK, I wish you well”, then I walked away from her.

After the show while walking out, I noticed and met up with a friend and his companions. We walked out the venue together and eventually stopped outside to continue our chat. Suddenly there she was again, standing behind us chatting with the girl she was with, then she began walking passed us as I was facing her, I called her name. She stopped still, paused, looked at me, put her chin down and quickly walked passed me.

I never heard from her again since.

What happened? Why the chance meeting with someone you’d least expect to meet, at a heavy metal concert, twice!? Why was she suddenly there, then not there!? Why would she suddenly begin physically shaking from head to toe? Is this some sort of… time warp that maybe she’s caught up in and I’m somehow I’m able to interact with her? She knows this somehow and is terribly afraid? or she doesn’t realize this has happened to her and I, but does realize something strange is happening?

Unanswered questions… What are they doing with that Large Hadron Particle Collider that may have done this to this woman and I? Or is this purely the work of ET’s unseen, to make this happen somehow? I may never know.

The Flashback

July 13th. 2015: I believe I authentically had what one would call a ‘flashback’ of the Ridge, NY 2002 ET encounter. This is the first of two times I will present a *non-awakened/unconscious dream/vision/flashback, within these documents. The next time would not be until March 25, 2017(located later in the documents).

During the intense and very realistic so called dream: I’m in my home in Ridge, New York. It’s evening just before sundown. I heard a crack of odd sounding thunder, so I went to the front door to look at the sky. There was an odd looking cloud lingering in the near distance. Suddenly appeared an unnatural neon blue oval light in the sky, coming out of a cloud. I focused on it wondering if it was light from an airplane, but then it started moving side to side, up and down, then quickly darting in whatever direction a plane can not perform.


My mother and father were in the kitchen as I called for either one of them to come look at what I was seeing. My mother came to the door and when she looked out the door the EIV darted to the other side of the house out of our view however, as it went by I could see what appeared to be blue beams of light enter the windows of the home from somewhere above.

I ran from room to room, looking out of the windows to observe more of the blue orb. I tried grabbing a camera and taking photos however, I became so frightened, I don’t know if I even clicked the button.

Now it’s completely dark and there’s this strange tingling feeling all over me and I soon blacked out.

I woke up from my bed and immediately looked out the window and saw military personnel walking around outside my home. All were dressed in white bio suites, some with masks, some not. There were about a dozen people out there, and at least one camouflage military troop transport vehicle, parked in my secondary driveway that had a detached garage about 30′ feet from the home.

I ran into the living room to tell my parents that the military are here and are coming into the house, but I noticed they were already in the house. Mostly men however, there was at least one woman. One of them, a man, was kneeling with one knee on the floor, one arm propped up on the other knee to steady a handheld video camera, at first recording whatever they were doing or saying to my father and mother in the kitchen.

They took notice to me and just about everyone in the living room immediately turned to me. I asked out loud to anyone, “What are you going to do to us? Are you going to hurt us?”. One of the men said, “No we’re not going to hurt you, let’s sit down and have a talk”. I still had the camera in my hand and one of the men noticed and said concerned, yet calmly, “Oh no you didn’t, give me the camera!”. I gave him the camera without hesitation.

I was then pointed towards sitting down on a tall bar stool that we had next to a “snack bar” which we called it, that separated the kitchen dining area from the living room. As I was sitting down and turned around, a man dressed in a black, tight fitting outfit approached me and sat down on the other bar stool in front of me, where I immediately focused on him.

I quickly noticed this was no ordinary man, he was bald of hair, his eyes were like ours, but pink colored, though the iris was colored blue. His skin was a mix of purple, pink, blue and a milky grey.

After quickly examining him from head to chest, I looked to my right and sitting on a stool between myself and the being before me, was woman in her late 20’s or 30’s and attractive. Her blond hair was pulled back tight in a short ponytail and she wore a comfortable fitting White bio suit of sort.

It seemed she had a focused stare on the ET being, with a motionless expression. After a moment of staring at her with the feeling of, why and how did someone like her get involved with these people and aliens for that matter? Without looking at me in the eye, she said, “Don’t look at me!” with a calm, but deadly serious tone. So, I turned to look at the ET being sitting before me, staring at me like he’s a doctor or psychologist observing me intently, waiting for me to acknowledge him.

He took out a syringe from somewhere, I didn’t really notice, I just saw it in his hand suddenly. He spoke to me calmly in a gentle yet, somewhat sarcastic tone, as he asked me how I was feeling at the moment? I’m not sure I said anything, but the woman stood up and moved behind me, then put her hands on my shoulders. I said, “What is this? Is it going to hurt me? Is it going to give me psoriasis?” (unknown why I asked this, I didn’t know about psoriasis until two years after this Ridge, NY encounter, when I actually contracted the disease/virus).

The man said with partial confidence, “It could, but it shouldn’t. It’s not going to hurt you, but it will feel like poison ivy in your veins for a few moments. It’s to get rid of the memories”. I said, “but why do I need to forget? Are you mad at me for talking?” (about about the Panamoka UFO and the Texas abduction, to people). He said, “No, it’s not so much the talking, it’s because of the things you know now, you need to forget!”.

He then gently grabbed my right arm without my resistance, as if at that moment I was not in control of my limbs, and he stuck me with the needle in the crook of my elbow. A moment later I can feel a sensation go through my veins that partially felt itchy and burning, then it went away.

He said, “That wasn’t so bad was it?”. I didn’t reply, just concentrated on the feeling.


A moment later he said, “There, you are all better”. I replied, “but I still remember everything…”. He slightly smiled and said, “For now, yes. When we leave, you won’t remember”.

I noticed behind him who “we” were, that there were two other smaller beings or humanoids sitting behind him on my mother’s reading chair. They were somewhat similar to the man speaking to me as far as size and humanoid features except, they had different shaped heads, their eyes were black and their skin was more gray looking.

They didn’t quite look like the other Grays I’ve seen, something was different about him. They had a more humanoid bodily build to them, though seemingly only 5 feet tall at best, but not quite as large heads as the familiar “Grays” I’ve seen before.

They sat together closely to each other, almost holding each other. They had a somewhat relaxed, happy attitude about them though I never heard them speak, they often looked at each other and their body language suggested they were discussing something here and there. Much like Sam with one of his encounters, I got the feeling they were females.

I said to the ET again, “are those two there aliens?”. He laughed at me and said, “Yes, and so am I”, as he continued to laugh. I managed to crack a smile and said, “You’re not so scary as I thought you’d be”, as he nodded at me.

Then suddenly I had some sort of mask on my head and I couldn’t breathe well nor see through it much at all. I somehow reached with one hand and pulled the mask off the front of my face, took a breath and suddenly the mask would be back over my face. I lifting the mask trying to see what they were doing, repeating this over and over at least 4-6 times. During this, they all got up and left the house, but some of them left the house through the bedroom somehow. Either they went out the window or they literally walked through the wall, directly out to the secondary driveway.

I tried to stand up and follow them, but I hit my foot on something. I looked down to see it was a black beetle shaped thing that was flat on one side, but beveled like a beetle shell on the other. There was a black string attached to it like a necklace. I said to myself, “This is a cartouche, a carving of an ancient Egyptian scarab beetle. One of them must have dropped it…”.

I quickly bent down and stuffed it under the couch in hopes of having some evidence. Then suddenly the mask is back on my head, I pulled it off again frustrated as to why this mask keeps being put on my head???

I turned around and saw a humanoid that was only 4′ foot tall at most. It was one of them, but a child-like being. It was running around the living room looking for something, sort of having fun doing it like a child playing. This humanoid was completely naked, but had no sexual organ features to it that I could see. It was so playful in attitude, I practically laughed at it…


Suddenly I’m in a dark room, there’s a slimy clear liquid on the ground that was about 1 foot deep. There’s a humanoid female on the ground in the liquid, laying on her back, against something holding her up somewhat vertical or perhaps leaning up against a wall. She’s has very dark grey looking skin. She had black stripes seemingly embedded into her skin that looked like some sort of straps or stripes that enhanced the view of her sexual lady parts. Her hair was thick and black, but looked like Medusa’s snake-like hair or dreadlocks. Coming out of her breasts were four black tentacles, that were like feelers. Each exactly alike and about 6″ – 8″ inches long, about 1″ – 2″ inches thick at the point where they emerge from her skin, coming to a point at the ends. The tentacles moved around like snakes searching for something to grab onto. Her legs were spread open, her vagina was swollen as a liquid was pouring out of her and something of a tube was going into her to deliver the liquid. She was flailing around like she were in deep pleasure…


Suddenly I find myself back in my living room, in the darkness, sitting on the floor in front of a couch that my father was sitting upright on. My mother was laying down motionless and seemingly sleeping on the other couch next to us. The couches were positioned in an L shape.

I looked at my father as he had his eyes closed and facing somewhat upwards, his face started faintly glowing a blue light. He started saying something in a trance-like state and I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Next I remember was awakening, sweating, confused and quickly wrote down what I just experienced, though a dream?

Below is an satellite view of the home and a diagram of the encounter from both the awakened memory and the flashback:


Who dreams of ET encounter like this, for no particular reason? Why all of a sudden 15 years later, such a detailed dream state, vision or flashback, seemingly taking place before, after or during the awakened state of the encounter 15 years prior? I can only explain this as an authentic memory recovery or flashback of memories suppressed on purpose as described in the flashback being completely unintentional, by surprise.

Be My Witness


July 30th. 2015: The Z-Section of Palm Coast, FL: The time is 9:00 PM EST. My neighbor and I had just stepped outside of her house, and while saying goodbye, suddenly I got a feeling to turn around. Behind me and before my neighbor, appeared an EIV heading from South to North, West of Palm Coast, Florida. As it as it moved across the sky quickly, it was glowing an overall white, but multicolored light. It then suddenly blinked out as we were watching it. The total visual time was about 5 seconds.

I turned back to my neighbor and said, “See! I told you I know when to look up and notice them. Now you’ve seen it for yourself?”. Her reaction was a bit stunned and excited as she smiled and said, “Yes, I believe you, I too have seen it”. We smiled and said goodbye again.

Are They Healing Me?

August 10th. 2015: I was laying in bed where sometime in the night I was awakened and disturbed that something was on my back. I was laying on my right side when I felt something rough like sandpaper, at the tip of a prickly device, placed or poking at my lower spine.

I opened my eyes to see a pure black, very skinny arm of a creature around me or holding me down. It’s arm was incredibly skinny and flimsy. It had long fingers on its very small hand. I know this, because I grabbed its arm firmly with one hand, and it was like the arm just dangled, so skinny I couldn’t believe it had any muscles. The arm had to be no more than 3″ inches thick!

I held this arm, unable to move the rest of my own body, and yet felt another poke in my spine. Without yelling out I said, “What are you and why are you on my back, what are you doing”? I heard a man’s voice in my head say, “Please let go of me! you’re hurting me! let go of me, please!”.

Instead of letting go, I pulled harder on the arm in an attempt to pull this… now clearly being an alien creature, off of my back and towards me into view, but it didn’t come off my back. Again it said, “Please, you must let go of me!”.

I do not remember anything beyond that point.

That’s No Chinese Lantern!


January 25th. 2015: I was driving down A1A, Flagler Beach, Florida, when suddenly appeared an orange orb of bright light, around 9:30 PM EST. It hovered above the beach/road for about 1 minute, then it blinked twice and lights out. It didn’t seem to be more than a few hundred feet up. It wasn’t very large, maybe the size of a car or truck. From the road level I’d say it was at an 25° – 30° degree angle.

It did not rise up, it did not move, it just appeared, stayed there 1 minute and blinked out. The weather was clear though beach haze was present. This rendition was made partially using a google street map view of relatively where I was at the time.

Note: There was a police officer in an SUV parked in the darkness at that time. If it had a rear view camera activated, it probably has video of the EIV, since this orb was low enough. Sadly by the time this document was written and released, this video likely wouldn’t exist anymore.

The Inoculation

July 5th. 2016: I awakened this morning to find there was a mark on the inside of my right foot heel/ankle. Seemingly burned skin in a horseshoe shape, composed of 8 or 9 circles and an triangle in the center. It disappeared within a weeks time.

June 28th, 2018: A man by the name of Gary Gillin, posted a photo onto a Facebook group page titled ‘Extraterrestrial Research’, of a strange EIV or grouping of EIV’s. The photo was taken by his friend in Oregon. I noticed the the EIV(‘s) was exactly in the shape of the mark on my heel/ankle.


How To Warn Of Abduction

August 13th. 2016: I awakened in the morning and was immediately confronted by my father telling me there was random blue flashes of light entering our home late last night around 3:00 AM, while he was sitting up in bed. He didn’t get up due to his disability, rather peered out of the windows in his bedroom the best he could to see where the lights were coming from. He said they seemed to be focused light from above the home or somewhere out of his view.

I realized that the day before I had a piercing ringing in my ear that was nearly debilitating. I remember reading reports that some abductees reportedly experience a particular ear ringing, sometimes just prior to an experience. I thought to call Sam and ask if anything was happening to him lately. Not surprisingly he said he had another ET experience, that just happened to be the day I got a severe ring in my ear. We discussed that there may be a connection between the ear ringing and ET encounters?

Three days later they came for us…

You’re Not Going Anywhere

August 16th. 2016: I awakened in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when I was finished, I walked out of the bathroom door as I was about to make my way to the refrigerator, when there was a sudden pull on my thoughts to look to my left, into the computer room, at the only window in the room. It was dark enough inside, but light enough outside from the outdoor lights on the backs of neighboring homes, to see in the darkness standing a foot or two from the window, outside is a Gray Alien staring at me through the window. I can see it’s head and shoulders as just enough light was showing its features.

As soon as I looked at it, the mental pull became even stronger as I can hear it whispering in my mind with a calm young man’s voice, “Please, open the window. Please, open the window…” repeatedly several times.

I started moving closer to the window until I consciously realized it was making me do it. I don’t know if it was fear or adrenaline or both however, I soon was able to mentally break free of its lure and force my body to stop being controlled.

Just before reaching out for the window, I managed to pull free of its control and ran to awaken my family in their sleep. While trying to make my way to their bedroom, I can feel the mental pull lingering and I felt as if I might fail fighting it, so I tried screaming to them. No scream was possible, just moans came out as I opened the bedroom door.


I managed to wake everyone and pull enough voice together to tell them the aliens are trying to get in or lure me out. My father told me to call the Police, so I started moving towards the phone when I saw outside of their bedroom window was the, or another, alien standing by the window staring at us, but it seemingly got on all fours or crouched to sprint away from the window, possibly looking for a way in and prevent me from picking up the phone. Now even more frightened, I immediately picked up the phone and tried pressing the buttons for 911.

I thought I dialed it until I heard a misdial tone. I didn’t dial it right, I tried again, but I was shaking in fear frantically pressing the wrong buttons, and without further thought, I slammed the phone back down and I decided at that moment to make a last attempt to find help. I ran out of the bedroom, into the living room, to the entrance and quickly opened the door, without looking any direction but forward, as I ran out onto my front lawn to scream at my neighbors for help however, when no scream came out, I immediately blacked out halfway between my front door and the road, running in the direction of my neighbors home across the street.

The last I remember was awakening in bed sweating. It was exactly 5:00 AM when I looked at the clock. I somehow immediately fell back to sleep, not waking until 10:00 AM, much later than I usually awaken.

I’ve since made a short video recreating this encounter. It’s not how I’d hoped to present it however, it’s what I could do on $0.00 budget to show the scene at least. View this video here:

Finally Gotcha’ On Video!

October 20th. 2016: At around 7:30 p.m. – Palm Coast(B Section), Florida. I’m outside my home when I turned and looked up to the sky as I sensed something there.

A brilliant solid white orb(EIV) hovered above my home a few hundred feet above. A moment after I watched it hover, the EIV began to move towards the South away from my home and I took out my cell phone, a very inexpensive phone with barely enough memory to record a video. The EIV slowly approached an oncoming airplane. After nearing the plane, It made a sharp left turn to the East and went towards the ocean where I lost sight of it.

It had no outline, the brightness never changed as it moved away, it never blinked and made no sound. I could even hear the plane as it approached.

Partially recorded with my cell phone, unfortunately the quality is somewhat poor. Link to video:

A Fast Mover

October 26th. 2016: Bulow Forest, Florida: I was out hiking and conducting volunteer work in Bulow Forest, FL. As I’m walking down a wide trail where the trees are parted above me, I suddenly got a feeling to look up through the trees, and at that moment I saw a reflective silver, small EIV move quickly and completely silent across above the forest, heading North West. It was disk shaped from underneath. It was maybe two thousand feet up, if that, as it was quite low. I’m guessing the size of the EIV was about 30′ feet in diameter. When it passed over and out of view, I looked at my phone to post this message to my Facebook account, the time was exactly 11:11 PM. How ironic? 11:11 is said to be a common time for those with ET encounters to take notice to the time. Why? is of still a mystery among the theories in the UFOlogy community.

Spy vs. Spy

October 31st. 2016: Last night I couldn’t sleep until very late. Something was bothering me in my sleep, with a feeling someone was in the bedroom with me, something amidst that I couldn’t see and that didn’t feel right. One of the times I opened my eyes to look about, I turned my head to notice a small white orb hovering at the foot of my bed about 5′ – 6′ feet from the ground. It was approximately 5″ inches in diameter. As soon as I noticed it, it blinked out like turning off an old tube TV where you see the flicker stretch just before fading.

I’ve heard many abductees talk about orbs that appear in their homes or around them according to witnesses. I never saw one for myself until now. What are these orbs and why do they seemingly watch or appear around those that have had contact? Clearly the answer is unknown and can only be speculated that they, the orbs, are a sort of spying device or probe to see what the contactee is doing before an encounter or after or during. Whatever they are, they seem to be a self contained light source that is just bright enough to illuminate without casting ambient light. Seemingly intelligently controlled and aware.


Welcome To The Triangle Club

November 20th. 2016: I awakened and sat up on the edge of the bed, looking down towards my feet when I noticed a three circular dot triangle pattern or burn had appeared on my left heel/ankle, the same spot as the other foot back in July. I took this photo right away using my cellphone. It had no pain or abnormal feeling and disappeared within a few days. I have no memory of an encounter to explain this appearance.

Walton’s Enterprise


March 25th. 2017: Normally I will not speak of dreams as any credible evidence besides the likely flashback of the Ridge, New York year 2000 encounter. Once again I had what I thought was a dream, likely another flashback from an encounter.

I mention, “I thought was a dream”, because it happened during quite an unbelievable kind of dream I honestly don’t think anyone normally dreams about. Vivid and clear, I made no mistake in knowing none of the dream seemingly took place on this world.

Why bring it up as perhaps not being a dream after all, at least the second part(this scene)? I’d recently watched an interview with Travis Walton(known as an ET abductee, most commonly known for the movie Fire In The Sky) as he described this seemingly very same control room on an ET craft and perhaps the same person(minus the helmet described in Travis’s encounter).

Here is the link to Mr. Walton’s interview that I watched:

In this scene: They took us far away and showed us fear: I’m in some sort of massive canyon or a building structure built into a canyon. Massive meaning many thousands of feet wide and long. I’m on a metal platform or catwalk, looking down into the expanse, the canyon rocks are dark grey/black and jagged, but there are walkways, platforms and doorways all built into the canyon walls. I’m not alone… surprisingly “Melanie”(from the Beyond Ourselves story) is with me. As we try to run around looking for anyone else, we came upon something like a portal. These portals transport us from area to area around these canyons and chasms, much like a video game.

We are looking down the canyon noticing a dock or platform that has two metal ships, like battleships docked in the water against the platform. Out of nowhere comes and airliner jet, flying below us down the canyon. The jet just flies into a canyon wall and explodes in a ball of fire! Another jet is flying into the chasm, it too hit the wall and a ball of flame comes towards us. In the flame is a young man sitting in an passenger chair, screaming and burning as he approached. We dodged out of the way and a moment after realized nothing really happened. Looking back down the canyon, no wreckage or any sign of crashed jets. It was just a hologram?

Running away from the scene, another portal we stepped into. Now we are inside an ET spaceship. There is a contoured chair of sort in the middle of this large open room that had an oval or curved ceiling and walls with the exception of the floor. Everything in the room is a silver/grey, unpolished metal. There is a large window or transparent wall that was oval in shape before us on the other side of the room.

There is a humanoid standing next to the chair facing us and pointing at the view of stars quickly going by like warp speed in Star Trek, but they would suddenly change direction as if driving through a snowstorm at night while the wind blows. We couldn’t feel any movement.

The man, I believed to be a sort of hybrid human/alien, is dressed in a 1 piece, sky blue, semi-loose fitting outfit. He had blond hair that was shoulder length and wavy.

The dream suddenly ends.

The EIV You Never Saw

June 14th. 2018: During the mid afternoon I was driving to a nearby store in Palm Coast, Florida, when my attention was taken by an object hovering still in front of a nearby pop-up thunderstorm. After a few moments I observed the dark grey/black, disk shaped object, that I completely believe was an ET EIV, move left and right of its hovering position, about two lengths of itself. I lost sight of it for approximately 30 seconds until I drove into the parking lot next door to the Publix Shopping Center between Belle Terre Parkway and Palm Coast Parkway, more specifically in front of the Smoke Shop.

I exited the vehicle and used my cellular phone camera to capture the object still hovering in front of and within the cloud. I filmed it for approximately 1 minute as it hovered for 26 seconds(in the video) before moving on a downward slope out of the cloud. After catching a moment of its movement, I decided to go inside the smoke shop to bring the owner(an acquaintance) out to have a look at the object with me. This took about 30 seconds before we were able to look over the building. We couldn’t see anything more for the next 30 seconds or so before we gave up looking.

This video is the original, the making of, and end result of the captured video:

This .gif animation is the end result:

Palm Coast Hot Bed

December 27-28th. 2018: Another oval EIV(UFO) just seen above my home. I was grabbing a case of water from my vehicle. As I threw it up on my shoulder, I couldn’t help but to notice plain as day, hovering still above my home was a dark metallic, oval EIV(UFO). It immediately started moving away from my home slowly as I ran the water into the house, grabbed the camera, ran out the back door and pressed record. I only captured a couple seconds of it and possibly 3 others as I tried to zoom in, and then it quickly accelerated into a distant cloud.

Very upsetting that once again they make themselves visible to me and I don’t have the proper camera or one on me at all before they go away.

Sighting at 4:25 PM over the B-Section of Palm Coast, FL.


Fullow up video:

On Your Marks…

During the last weeks of May, 2019: I noticed the mark on my back(right shoulder blade) that did not go away after 2 weeks. I noticed that it was more shapely than I thought seeing it sideways through a mirror. It wasn’t until I had someone photograph it, that I realize what this may very well be, though I have no memory of an abduction. A scoop mark as they are called. Caused by ET’s conducting a skin biopsy of sort, common in some abductions.

This one is triangular shaped, indented quite a bit into the skin, very red as you can see. Around it is a white ring of discolored skin. It looks partially like the symbol I recall from a past encounter…

I was going to ignore this, but after closer examination, it’s definitely out of place and clearly symmetric.


Peak-a-Foo, We See You!

May 25th. 2019: At 1:34 AM – 1:37 AM: I had walked out the back door of my home to have a smoke before going to sleep. Moments as I was looking around the yard in the darkness, a small light suddenly appeared miles high and afar East North East of Palm Coast, Florida, likely over the ocean. It was larger than Venus would be and brighter, it didn’t move an inch, then suddenly it dimmed out to darkness like a lightning bug would fade. I thought to myself, “Maybe that was a star going supernova…”? About ten seconds later the orb suddenly appeared again, with a quick fade-in effect. Again, very bright and circular, it stayed lit 4-5 seconds, then again quickly faded out.

I immediately got an unnatural feeling from it and quickly ran into the house to grab the video camera. This took me about 15 seconds. When I came back outside, it happened again as I just turned on the camera and began zooming in. As usual in poor lighting, nothing was visible in the viewfinder of the camera as I pointed it in the general direction and pressed record. While recording, it lit up another 3-4 times. This happened a total of about 6 times before it faded out for the last time, while I was recording it.

I’ve only seen this happen once before, during the 2011 Fort White, Florida abduction, as far as how the seemingly and very likely ET craft would fade out quickly from full visibility. Could it have been a supernova? I’m sure that evidence could be provided by the science community if it was. It didn’t seem that far away though, it did seem several miles away or near edge of space. Since it was sitting still, the light had no beam. It did not strobe like anything we have flying. It was too high up for any conventional helicopter to be up there even at 1:30 AM. It wasn’t a satellite or space station, because it never moved. There was not a single cloud in the sky to block an out of place, overly bright star, to make it look like one was fading in and out. It was seemingly an artificial light orb. Lastly, No, it was too high for a non military drone, that would have to light up brighter than the surface of the sun to be seen at that distance.

On May 31st. 2019 Once again I had a short thought to walk out back of my home onto the patio to have a look at the stars. Just moments later, the same patch of sky looking North East, the same exact EIV appeared again though less white colored, more golden colored, and lower in altitude, even closer to me. I quickly called for a family member to come outside and view with me.


Be mindful some of these animations are somewhat faster or shorter than real time.

EIV Sightings May – June 2019



Not much can be seen in the raw videos as my recording devices were not optimal for night time, especially without enhancements, which the public is welcomed to attempt.


Soon after making this report, a man by the name of Bob Spearing contacted me about these recent sightings and offered to investigate the air traffic in the area at the times of these sightings.

Bob Spearing was MUFON‘s 2018 Field Investigator of The Year. He appeared in Season 2 of UFOs The Lost Evidence on the Travel Channel. Bob also appeared on various radio programs and his website is

Bob explains his findings as quote, “Byron, I went to my Flightradar24 account and looked up your UFO to see if it had a transponder which would identify it as possibly a helicopter since it was so close to the airport. Flightradar24 uses universal time, which means 2:50 am Wednesday EST would be 7:50 am Wednesday UTC. Here is a screen save of 7:50 am Wednesday over Flager airport. I let the playback run from 7:30 to 8:00 am to see if anything was over Flager. Nothing. This means the object you saw was not a conventional aircraft or at least one without a transponder.”

July 13th. 2019: Approximately 9:30PM EST:

I was standing out front of my home talking and texting on my phone when once again I got a quick feeling to look up to my right to the sky above my home. At that very moment a fiery red, saucer shaped EIV was right there except this time it was traveling at a very low altitude around 500ft. above my home/back yard. Traveling quite slowly as if passed over for a total visual time of about 15 seconds. The center was a solid bright orange/white, outside was flickering a fiery red. It was the size of a car or small truck. I saw it longer than seen on video as I fumbled to close an phone app and turn on the phone camera, which only had a 5x zoom. It was spectacular and brilliantly self illuminated, far more than visible on video. What a strange feeling of excitement seeing it!

Art Rendition
Raw Video + Enhanced Still Shots

Raw Video:

Bob Spearing reported to me again on this sighting as well. I quote Bob, “Byron, nothing equating to your orb from 1:15 am to 1:45 am UTC July 14 time or 9:31 EST July 13. However, there were two planes flying in tandem that mad a left turn away from palm coast at 9:32 pm EST. I have attached three screen shots. The main plane flight PHXA79 is an unknown type of aircraft with no flight plan and no ID flying at 3000 feet. The other craft flying with it is also at about 3000 feet. Their flight path took them to Gainesville airport where they circled and then returned to Daytona airport. The two planes flew in tandem the whole trip.”

I replied to Bob that indeed I did notice the airplanes passing in the distance as well. This EIV however, was nowhere near those aircraft.