Chapter 1: The Lake Panamoka Encounter

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Sam and I were hanging out at his home in the community of Lake Panamoka, Long Island, New York, when we decided to go for a walk up to the local King Kullen shopping center at around 9:00 p.m., which is still located on the corner of Route 25-A and Wading River Manor Road. This walk from his home to the store was approximately 2 miles away that we took at night, only guided by the occasional streetlights, until reaching the stores. During the day we would take a shortcut through the woods that was located next to his home via foot trails that made the trip to Route 25-A a lot quicker. This woods is the Brookhaven Forest just Northwest of Lake Panamoka. The forest mostly consisted of low brush and tall planted pine tree farms at the time, and for the most part still remains that way until this day, with the exception of new development communities that have been built next to May’s Farm located also at the corner of Route 25-A and Wading River Manor Road.

Neither Sam or I remember the exact date or even the month of this night however, I do remember wearing my leather jacket, so it was surely during the fall or early spring. During the winter is unlikely that I would wear anything less than a thermal coat at that time of night.


While we were walking along Wading River Manor Road and nearing the King Kullen shopping center across the street from May’s Farm, we heard helicopters approaching behind us. We turned to notice two military helicopters, most likely from the nearby Grumman Naval Facility(which in later years was closed down and converted into an Executive Airpark) or even the Air Force base in Westhampton, with their spotlights on and focused onto a soft glowing, white aircraft, that was larger than the helicopters. It was shaped like a thin oval, though circular from underneath and it had an oval dome shape on the top that extended most of the length of the craft.

We could tell right away that the helicopters were chasing or escorting an *Extraterrestrial Interstellar Vehicle(EIV) or what’s known as an UFO(Unidentified Flying Object), which in modern debates should be re-titled to EIV’s or something other than UFO, considering most of the Ufology community and the general public can agree that the phenomenon is identifiable as ET crafts. The fact is, they do not fly. Flying requires wings and air for lift. EIV’s seem to use magnetic or other forces to travel. For the sake of helping to make this change, in this document I will not refer to the common term “UFO’s”, rather I will title them “EIV’s”. However, you will find the term UFO used in interviews and other locations this story is presented before this document was written, for the purposes of familiarity to the general public.

The EIV was moving silently, at a low speed moving to a clearing in the forest beyond May’s Farm, across the street from us. This clearing was right near Sam’s house, where we had just walked from. When the EIV stopped and hovered above the forest clearing, one of the helicopters hovered nearby, while the other moved towards the main road(Route 25A) on the opposite side of the EIV, then it too stopped and hovered with a spotlight still focused on the EIV.

At that same time, I noticed at least one vehicle that just passed Sam and I on Wading River Manner Road, pulled over to the side of the road and a man seemingly in his late 30’s – 40’s, got out of his car to stare at the EIV. I don’t think he even notice us standing on the side of the road, as I remember clearly seeing his mouth wide open in disbelief as he stood with the door open, transfixed on the scene. I only observed him for a few moments as I was far more curious about the unfolding event before us. Sam admits he doesn’t remember the man and his car, to give insight on how stunned we were.

I can not recall exactly how long we were staring at the EIV however, I’ve always had a lasting memory of seeing something even more odd than the EIV itself. In those moments I remember seeing what appeared to be an aliens head and upper body. The alien “Gray” or “Grey”, as I know this particular species to be called now, was seemingly projected at me as if the EIV became a lens in the center and it enhanced the focus of the alien being inside looking at us, though Sam does not recall seeing the alien being. The details of the alien were not visible as the light of the craft or light emanating from the interior of the craft was ambient around the being, giving it a silhouette. I could however see that it had a larger head than body and large black eyes. It did not seem to move or do anything other than stare forward.

After a few moments of the EIV and helicopters hovering steady in one spot, the EIV suddenly gave off a flash of light and seemingly split into two smaller white, round orbs of light, each about thirty feet in diameter, that were brighter than the initial glow of the EIV. They hovered another moment side by side, about one hundred feet apart, when the helicopters turned off their spotlights and the EIV’s descended to the ground behind the treeline, slowly and together in exact formation.

We could see some light from the EIV’s shining through the trees. Almost as soon as the lights seemed to have stopped moving or the EIV’s landed, there was a sudden bright flash of light and the EIV’s seemed to merge into one again, as it appeared to be a single bright blur that ascended vertically so quickly, that it went from the ground to space in just a second or two.

The man got back into his vehicle with haste, as I was watching him from the corner of my eye while experiencing the amazing event that just took place. He drove away without hesitation. Sam and I watched the helicopters turn around and fly back in the direction they came from, then we ran as much as we could back to his house and the clearing that which the EIV seemingly landed. Unfortunately since it was night time, we couldn’t see anything from the edge of the forest and we didn’t know what to do, but to go back to our homes.

I managed to put together a detailed animation of the exact scene. This animation shows both an 2013 satellite view of the area and an animated digital drawing of the event: 

I don’t know if Sam spoke to anyone about the Lake Panamoka event however, I did, at least until we simply just let the experience go. I’m not so sure my family really believed me so, we didn’t tell anyone else. Who would believe two teenagers that they just saw an ET UFO? Back then I didn’t have much of any knowledge about UFO’s besides what I may have seen on TV and movies. As teenagers we didn’t know MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) even existed. All I can say is that we kept it to ourselves and continued our early teens as normal as they should have been.

It was soon after the Lake Panamoka sighting that Sam had moved away from Long Island to Texas in 1989. I believe we tried to keep in touch for a short while, but we knew it was probable that we would not meet again or any time soon so, it’s safe to say we stopped communicating.

We moved on with our lives and as for myself for 10 more years, I would have absolutely nothing to do with EIV’s and Aliens, at least until I studied in a specialized High School class that was titled ‘Mysteries of Science’. This was a new and short-lived extra credit class taught by Mr. Hermsdorf, an elderly man that always wore his white lab coat even though he never needed one for this type of science class.

In this class we learned a great deal of current(at the time) science theory about everything ranging from Egyptian Pyramids, Bigfoot, Aliens and other offbeat science subjects. I would say this class was like a precursor to the later-day Ancient Aliens TV show, in regards to relating ancient sites etc. to Aliens and their intervention on the world since the ancient past.

Cool subject, but what teenagers in High School has the time to study that subject any further after High School? Wasn’t me. During and right after High School I was working up to 3 jobs at once and running a Heavy Metal band the remainder of the time.

That was my life goal and ambition at the time, to be a famous musician however, in order to afford the gear needed for the band, it was work to afford the lifestyle or else figure life out in a way I couldn’t possibly dream of in those days. This life goal lasted about 12 years, though in its 10th. year is when my life would be changed forever and began to unravel with a series of traumatizing events, beginning with an experience that would be the main focus of this document. It will be the “Smoking Gun” of events that would transpire thereafter and confirm to at least two different families that our experiences were related to earlier encounters, never told to me by Sam and his family, nonetheless the history my family had with ET encounters, all of which I learned of after the fact.

This series of encounters didn’t end with Sam and I’s EIV sighting on Long Island…

They Followed Sam

After about a year of living in Texas, Sam discovered that these ET encounters were all too real and now, it’s become personal. As the years progressed, his entire raised family would also become involved.

In the 2017 interview with Sam, he explains that one night while trying to sleep, he felt like he was being watched. He looked out the window and saw once again a Gray Alien with a large head and large black eyes, staring at him. The next thing he remembers was his bed being surrounded by a few alien beings that looked identical to one another, except for one of the ET’s he sensed was a female. He said that the female alien picked him up and held him in her arms while in the bedroom. This is all he remembers of this experience.

This was not and far from the last encounter for Sam. He goes on to explain even more encounters, one of which while a friend was visiting his home during a power outage in 2012. While they were playing cards, Sam’s friend suddenly said, “Did you see that? It was an colorful orb that appeared above your head and quickly moved into the kitchen!”. Sam didn’t see the orb nor know what to say to his company, they passed it off and continued playing cards.

It wouldn’t be long before Sam’s early wife, Melanie, would witness the encounters happening in and around Sam’s home in Venus, Texas. Sam states that one night he awakened and immediately tried to awaken Melanie because he heard footsteps walking down the hallway and saw a man dressed in a decorative military uniform, standing there staring at him. A few moments later just before she awakened, the man seemingly dematerialized to invisibility. They got up, Sam checked the house cautiously while Melanie peered out the window…

What Melanie saw, she also confirmed to me in a private conversation a couple years prior to Sam telling me this story. She said to me, just as she looked out of the window, “there was a vehicle in our driveway covered with a military style mesh/netting for camouflage, as it was leaving the driveway.”

Obviously spooked by the encounter and now that Melanie witnessed what was going on, this confirms to Sam that “something” is happening, and whatever is happening entities alien beings or military or who knows what, is visiting and entering their home at will.

Now Sam had become very curious with questions and discovered the what is called MUFON(Mutual UFO Network). After reporting his encounters, an investigator by the name of Ms. Souza, was assigned to Sams case. Ms. Souza was also an assistant of Budd Hopkins, whom if you don’t know already, was one of the world’s leading UFOlogy researchers. He’s released a couple books, “Missing Time” 1981  and “Intruders” 1987 that both told the stories of alien abductees and their encounters.

Sam continued to have experiences over a period of 10 years that would include noticing he was being spied on by government or someone… Even until this day. Recently Sam sent me screenshots of his Wi-Fi network, where it randomly once a week or so, shows another Wi-Fi network that reads, “CIA Operations Division(1 or 2)”.


This accrued once while I was on the phone with Sam and I asked him to look out the window around his street to see if there were any vehicles around that normally are not there? After looking he said, “Yes, there is a white painted, unmarked van parked at the end of the block next to the telephone pole”. Several moments later the vehicle left and the signal disappeared! That was proof enough for us that he is indeed being monitored by more than just 2 UFOlogy investigators.

Sam kept in touch with Ms. Souza and Mr. Hopkins for 2 of those years. During those two years, being 1998 when…

“It was the calling of sudden change, that I should travel to the land of desolation. Where the wind blows the sands over the range, the days of reckoning as I crossed the nation. In all the time I traveled the road, something was beckoning me to this place. The scars of long nights written upon this face” -The Never Ending [B.M.]

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