Live Radio Interview: The Odyssey Files – Aliens & Hat Man

In this Halloween episode of The Odyssey Files, Mike and Dave bring back the topic of the most elusive, and terrifying, entity, The Hat Man! They bring on 3 guests, all with stories of them personally encountering this evil figure!

In the first half hour interview, Kim Juarez talks about seeing the Hat Man just days after her brother’s death and how it not only impacted her, but her entire family.

In the second 30 minute interview, Anthony Hernandez talks about The Hat Man appearing while, when he was just 6 or 7 years old, his friends and him started a friendship pact ritual.

The Hat Man shows finishes with Byron Malerba! A man that has been abducted by aliens multiple times, has his own Hat Man experience AND is the main moderator of The Hat Man Reporting Group on Facebook!

If you have any stories about encountering The Hat Man, or any paranormal stories, or have any paranormal questions you would like Dave and Mike to answer, on air, just e-mail the guys at

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